In my CAS projects the peace centre and Yum Farm I have helped in providing financial provision to both parties and also creating awareness of these projects. With the Peace Centre, I managed to raise awareness of the Peace Centre in Uganda which was a orphan for children whose parents were victims of aids. I […]

Activities Reflection

For my activity I chose to focus on my fitness, as there was that option for PE, and also could be something that I could do myself at home as a gym is accessible to me, in opposition to a badminton/basketball court on a daily basis. My main overall goal was to improve my cardio […]

End of Term 1 YR13 CAS Goals

  PROJECT END Define the best possible state of the Service Project by end of Term 1 Yr 13 Ms Davies as teacher supervisor Regular chili delivery when Hengki Recruited new members from Y12 (4 people minimum)   PROJECT HAND OVER Is the project a) to be concluded or b) handed over to Yr 12? […]


I have supported the peace centre by raising money and awareness towards orphans in the Peace Centre, Uganda. For Yum farm, our aim of the project is to help allocate local produce from YUM farm to teachers in BSJ to increase their revenue. With the peace centre, we started the project by contacting Rachael, who […]

CAS end of term goals

Since this term is coming to an end, our group has decided to come up with our goals on what we must achieve before we leave school. Our action plan: Discuss with Ms Aucion when will we stop delivering for this school year Create a new spreadsheet system for organising and presenting credit by the […]

Residential Reflection

Last week, I went to Lido Lakes for the second time for my year 12 residential. I had no clear memory of the activities we participated in the previous years, but nothing really struck me as memorable. The activities we participated in were actually enjoyable and suitable for our year group, I enjoyed working together […]

Effective Communication

During the last two weeks, we have learnt about different communication skills during our core lessons which got us thinking about the varieties of ways in which you were able to communicate with. When I was given the word “communicate”, it was a reflex to immediately think about verbal communication, which would be the most […]

Presentation Reflection

We presented to two different groups, and our aim was to get them to understand on how to communicate to a third party through email. I learnt that in order to have good communication we must address the person whom we are talking to properly and politely with their respected name and title, and this […]


For CAS, I emailed the coordinators in Uganda in order to obtain some information on the orphans to get a deeper insight of what they’re like, and what to know about us. By asking them these questions, we would be able to receive a deeper insight on their conditions. These were the results we got. […]


For CAS I am supporting The Peace Centre which is an orphanage in Uganda which needs help in fundraising for an increased quality of living. We are also doing this project to raise awareness as these children whose parents are victims of aids. I will briefly introduce some of our aims for this project. For […]