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In our IB lives, the activity part of CAS is needed for ‘a healthy lifestyle’ and ‘to complement academic work’. I was initially rather worried about this aspect of CAS, because firstly, I wasn’t particularly gifted in any ‘natural’ sports (in my opinion), like soccer, basketball or swimming.

At the beginning of the year, I was about to choose either volleyball or swimming, because I thought I had to do a ‘proper’ sport, and these were the ones I thought were okay fun. However, I haven’t spent years training intensely for either of them, and since BSJ’s sports athletes seemed very professional and way better than me (to be honest, it was daunting just to join recreational sports in PE).

I have also been more academically-focused than sports-focused. However, one thing I have been doing for about 7 years is dance, in particular ballet. I didn’t have that natural grace and rhythmic impulse, but I enjoyed dancing. I have also been working out at least 3 days a week.

So, my plan for CAS is to do dance and fitness classes, at least until someone tells me that they’re not sporty enough :). The dance aspect will be joining ballet classes outside of school, and modern/contemporary dance as an after school activity, with Ms Klein. I am temporarily not doing ballet (for about 6 months) but will participate in it again (hope I don’t forget any techniques :D). I hope to learn flexibility, grace and coordination (since I am very clumsy), weight management and aerobic strength and endurance. I also wish to gain improved physical confidence, spatial awareness, dedication, discipline and perseverance (because standing on pointe for just 1 hour hurts a lot).

I am worried about joining ballet once again, because my muscles may have forgotten the techniques I once used, and will not be used to the tremendous strain once I start dancing. I am also worried about going to dance class, because ballet is competitive and there is great discipline needed. I expect a lot of muscle soreness, difficulty to remember the movements and to  be graceful, and also to coordinate my arms and legs.

I am most excited about being able to move to the music, the fun and exciting feeling of creating aesthetic movements with your body, and just moving and jumping everywhere! I will work towards LO 1 (discovering my strengths and weaknesses in dance) and LO 4 (persevering throughout difficult and strenuous  activities).

(One of the youngest, most talented dancers. Just an inspiration :)). (will add more later)

The fitness will be Nike fitness class at school, and workouts at home, at least 3 times a week. I chose this activity because I wanted to develop my general fitness as a whole, rotating exercises regularly. I hope to gain cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and weight management from Nike fitness. I also wish to be more confident with my self-image. Nothing about these activities make me feel particularly concerned, because I am only competing with my past self fitness-wise, and I have friends with me who will make exercising more fun and  interesting! The challenges that I expect would be more strain in my muscles, cramps and pain, and also the difficulty in keeping up with the workout (feeling like my lungs are giving up…). I am excited about learning new fitness techniques and trying out new things, like jumping rope, etc.

I am working towards LO 1 and 4 (same as dance); to realize in which areas am I not fit and improve them, and to persevere through the workouts. (will add later)

Okay, so that’s it for now!

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  1. Nobody will tell you that dance and fitness classes are not sporty enough I assure you! I think dancers have some of the best stamina, flexibility and strength there is – you go for it!

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