2nd EE reflection

So far, my progress in doing the EE is:

  • Started the introduction
  • Researched numerical systems (the main methodology I am looking at for the essay)
  • Researched and written about basic generating of fractals (iteration, Koch curve, etc)

Since Ms Shah is leaving this year, we decided to keep in touch through email and Skype, and I can ask her for guidance from time to time although I will get a new supervisor.

We decided so that I would write a section of the essay every week and send to her to check on my progress, and then re-edit previous sections I find not satisfying later on.

One difficulty I am facing when researching the methodology (numerical systems) that I am focusing on for this essay is that there isn’t that much information on numerical systems itself, so I may change the essay focus (instead of comparing different numerical systems, I will compare numerical systems as a whole to other methodologies such as geometric algorithms). Also, I need to focus on making my essay include enough mathematical terms and concepts instead of focusing on the cultural and historical aspects of mathematics used in African architecture.

I think that my progress has been slow because I am intimidated by fractals as an unknown topic, and confusion about the structure of the essay (whether more mathematical or historical) but I just need to write out a few words each day and edit out the unnecessary parts later.

My schedule as of now is to finish each section (about 300 words each) every 5 days, but I will shift the tasks depending on  if I encounter anything later on.

Aim for when I come back next term:

I should have about 70% of the essay written (covering up to the methodology ‘infinity iterations’ in architecture design) by the end of summer, the 15th of August, and edited it by 10th of September.

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