National High Fair

On February 25th 2017, Building Literacy Indonesia opened a booth in National High’s 2017 Fair in order to raise funds for future buying books and equipment for educating the children. We sold various goods, ranging from personalized canvas bags and watercolor birthday cards to brownies, cookies and drinks.

Creativity and Service (LOs):

LO 3:  I plan and initiate. Prior to running the booth, our team members met up to discuss the design of our booth, what goods to sell, the prices for everything we were selling, etc.

LO 5: I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognize the benefits of collaboration. We delegated tasks to our team members, for example the shifts, who to make the cookies, buy the paper cups, make the banners, etc, which allowed us to work more effectively and save time, getting work done quicker. We also worked together with each other in terms of one person promoting our cause and our booth while the others handling the money, handing out the goods, etc.

LO 6:  Engage with issues of global significance. Our aim in doing this booth is to raise funds to buy books and equipment for educating the children in reading clubs. Thus, we are dealing with the global issue that every child needs education and literacy skills as a human right. Our team also does this through regular activity such as reading to them and holding fun activities such as charades, crosswords, etc.

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