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Another service experience – Funday @ AIS

This term-break was an excellent chance for me to reflect on my CAS experiences so I will do with another service experience I ran alongside several Yr 12 students – Funday @ AIS (Austrailian Internation School).

Several weeks ago (maybe more than 1 month from now), Mr Brown, CAS coordinator, sent an e-mail regarding an excellent opportunity for a service experience and so I took the opportunity. This service experience involves selling several items made by skilled crafters such as Yanto, to raise money for the crafters. We sold batik bookmarks, miniature turtle dolls and other crafts.

Initially, the quantity sold remained at zero. However, my friends/colleagues and I thought of an idea to bring some items around the area and try to sell them. Moreover, we told customers that the money raised is to help people who are less fortunate. Then, the amount increases.

Reflection is key in any service experience. This service experience relates to all CAS learning outcomes (LO), however, the two that most significant are LO 6 and 7 and maybe even LO 5 as the 3rd most significant. I considered ethical issues through informing customers that the money raised is for charity to aid children who are less fortunate. Some customers were kind and generous and bought several crafts at once. I engaged with issues of global significance through helping children such as Yanto have a better quality of life. The collaboration was key, as setting up the stall and working together to keep everything organised required collaboration.

I hope the money raised from this event made a positive impact on the lives of children such as Yanto. Hopefully, this successful project may occur again next year :).

2nd reflection for activity (2)

Unfortunately, the start of year 13 was full of pressure, with deadlines coming up, and tests and you know what I mean – all the challenges I am about to face. However, this half-term break gave some time for me to write blog posts once more.

Progress in this activity occurred as I did some physical exercise to keep a balance in my life. However, the progress made was not significant. The academic pressures left me less time for physical exercise. At the first checkpoint at mid-September, I made an increase of 5 seconds on my basic plank position.  Today, I did another check to track my progress, and I successfully made another 5 seconds progress.

To improve and hopefully make a huge leap ahead on the final checkpoint, I need to do AT LEAST 5 minutes of physical exercise at the beginning and at the end of the day (during a busy day). When I do have more time, I must join morning training on Wednesday morning to help me make progress and most importantly, keep a balance in my life as an IBDP student. 😀


The Path to IMPROVE my ATL Skills

Today, is my last day of year 12. Since the beginning of IB, the core team introduced students to ATL (Approaches to Learning). I believe that excellent ATL  skills are essential and will be a great support for my success in the IBDP.

In my last day of year 12, I took a questionnaire designed to assess and reflect on my ATL skills (Social, communication, thinking, research, and self-management). Through answering the questions that asses my ATL skills, I mainly excel more in thinking and self-management skills as well as research skills; the ATL skills I mostly need to improve on are Social and communication skills.

So what and how can I do to develop the skills that needs the most improvements?

With social skills unfortunately, there is no textbook for that skill unlike maths, science etc. Therefore I will just need to focus, and learn from my mistakes and experiences. One important note is to not be in denial, and do my best to not repeat mistakes I made. Currently, I do need to keep my mouth a bit more shut and again, think thoroughly before my mouth opens.

Self-management – I do need to clean up my desk more regularly, at least once in 2 weeks, and make sure to have a more organised system ie. everything goes back to where they are supposed to at all times. Furthermore, I need to make space by moving objects I rarely use to other places. I need several drops more of perseverance and commitment to eliminate procrastination and therefore get my work done.




Final checkpoint on 1st activity

It has been a year since I started this activity. I did another bleep test and 12 minute run during the holidays. Although I made some progress and improvement over the last few months, I did not reach the goal I set.

Similar to most experiences, a reflection is an essential part. A possible cause of my failure to reach my smart goal was not enough commitment. Although I undergone training with Mr. Moore or even sometimes at my own time, I did not train frequently enough. Therefore, an area for improvement on my next activities is on CAS LO4: I show commitment.

Despite the activity of improving one’s cardio vascular ended for me, I will still undergo cardiovascular training to strengthen my cardiac muscles :).

A Reflection in the TOK world

Last week, I presented my final TOK presentation. Although the results were an improvement from the practice presentation, there exist areas for improvements. Additionally, I also learnt a few lessons from this experience, which hopefully will be a useful tool for me to excel in the TOK essay.

I learnt that research on the particular AOKs and WOKs concerned is essential, as more ideas concerning the knowledge question can be explored. From this experience, I also learnt that using other WOKs as counter arguments are effective to analyse the AOK further. An improvement from the practice presentation was the transition from the RLS to the TOK world which was successful in the real presentation. I learnt to find the connections between the RLS and KQ and translate my thought processed on how I derive the KQ from the RLS to words.

However, there are areas in the presentation where I can improve on; the flaws of the presentation must first be identified to be avoided in the essay. Firstly, the different perspectives explored must not be similar (such as Human and Natural Sciences) to allow the representation of more contrast between the two different perspectives. Further knowledge questions, perhaps first order knowledge questions about the RLS to be explored need to be included before coming to the main knowledge question. Furthermore, the development needs to be highly coherent and comprehensible to avoid ambiguity in the development. Fortunately, anxiety may not disrupt the essay as much as the presentation, so I can perhaps keep more focus in the essay and make better structured developments. Finally, I need to ensure that the depth of each perspective is thorough.

End Of Year Reflection On Cyber Shanty

At the beginning of this academic year, I signed up to be a member of the CAS project called Cyber Shanty. I am honoured to help my friend Chris and continue his impressive achievements.

My role in Cyber Shanty is as a teacher for sekolah bisa students. I gained experience from this project, where I provided the sekolah bisa students the support to practice some basic computer skills, such as sending e-mails, opening Youtube videos, typing, making presentations and many more. Additionally, I also practiced my collaborative skills with other members of Cyber Shanty. For example, I proposed an idea to improve the Cyber Shanty logo, where I collaborated with Farrell who is responsible for making Cyber Shanty’s logo. Thereby, I achieved CAS LO5, where I need to collaborate with other members to make Cyber Shanty a successful project. Any project requires commitment and perseverance. Therefore, I attempted to attend as much session as I can. For the last few sessions unfortunately, I had to study and prepare for my chemistry exam with my chemistry teacher every Friday after school, and therefore unable to attend Cyber Shanty sessions. However, I will attend more Cyber Shanty sessions, as well as commit to introduce the project to next year’s year 12 students.

Furthermore, I planned to design supplementary lessons for older sekolah bisa students who are more ready to learn and develop their computer skills. The lesson plan I will design can count as a creativity; I intend to design a few lessons to enable older sekolah bisa students to type using 10 fingers. I will need to be creative in order to make the lessons not dull and ensure that the students enjoy the lesson. I am looking forwards to this challenge!! 😀

Reflection of chemistry support

Its finally done. The year 10 and 11 students have done their exams, and our role to help them in chemistry is now over.

Over the last months, I came to most of the sessions every Tuesday. I went around the classroom, and aided several students with questions they have on chemistry. For example, I utilised a model of an Ionic compound to explain the structure of an ionic compound, step by step. Firstly, I asked the students to look on the periodic table. In the case of SodiumChloride, the elements needed to be looked at in the periodic table is sodium and chlorine. Then I asked the students – What they can deduce about the electron configuration of both elements (sodium needs to loose 1 electron and chlorine needs to gain 1 electron to form a full outer shell). The next step for the students to think about – what happens to the sodium and chlorine atoms, and what charges both ions form. Finally, I stimulated the students to think about what happens when positively charged ions are close to negatively charged ions (they attract).

Furthermore, I also asked them typical exam questions, and they answered orally. For instance, I asked them to explain why ionic compounds does not conduct electricity in solid state, but conduct electricity in molten or aqueous state. Practicing to answer these questions is essential for them to hinder loosing marks from silly mistakes. Additionally, I gave them key words or phrases to ensure that they hit the essential points to answer the question properly. As an example, in questions about metallic bonding, I told the students to include the phrase “delocalised electrons” and “sea of electrons” as well as the attraction between the negatively charged electrons and the positively charged ions.

Like any CAS experiences, there will always be a link to the learning outcomes. Most important LO is the 5th – I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognise the benefits of collaboration. I need to collaborate with the students to initiate any learning they experience and benefit from. Furthermore, I learnt a valuable lesson from this experience. Although I welcome them to ask me questions anytime, the students never requested help from me. Dr. Harris (CAS mentor) explained that students never ask for help. Therefore, I will need to initiate and regularly test them to ensure their learning hence link to CAS LO 7 – I recognise ethical issues, I act ethically . Although the project has ended, I still can keep in touch with some students, test them, and help them improve in chemistry.


CAS Interview 2 (Reflection 5)

A few weeks ago, I had an interview with my mentor, Dr. Harris. Unfortunately, I did not record this interview. I will record the third one definitely, as memory is lost easily.

We reviewed my progress so far with CAS; I explained to him what I achieved and what I hope to achieve in the future. For example, with activities, I at least exercise a few times a week to keep a balance from the academic work. However, to improve my skills in physical activities, I need to have more commitment in physical training.

Additionally, Dr. Harris also gave me advice, especially on collaboration with other members of my service group projects. In CyberShanty for example, Dr. Harris demonstrated the role of PATHOS, LOGOS, and ETHOS. Pathos is convincing through emotions, logos – through reason and logic, and ethos – ethically. To apply this concept on CyberShanty, Dr. Harris advised that I used those three routes of persuasion to  collaborate and with my colleagues without conflict.

Furthermore, Dr. Harris explained that one of the main purpose of CAS was to a certain extent discover yourself, and try out new things. Although I did try out new experiences, the courage to try out new things needs abit one more step to be sufficient.

FORTUNATELY, I still have 2 more weeks in year 12 and term 1 in year 13 (although I will be busy by then) to take the opportunity and make progress! An anonymous person stated that  “Luck is when opportunity knocks and you answer”. These next few months is my time to answer opportunity’s knock on my door 🙂

First EE reflection.

It is my fault, to not write this earlier in this blog. However, now I will do the task in hand now.

The topic of Jakarta MRT construction and its effects on house prices is an interesting topic, as house prices are volatile, (inelastic demand) for instance. However, I had discovered that there were not sufficient resources, data and information to accomplish this topic as an extended essay. Therefore, I had concluded that another topic will be more suitable. Suddenly, I discovered a possible topic with more potential – the effect of ride hailing apps on the oligopolistic taxi market in Jakarta. I chose Jakarta, as that is the city where I live in and therefore I can more easily conduct primary research. The focus was the effects of ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Go-jek entering the taxi industry in Jakarta.

Second Activity!!

Last term, Mr. Moore suggested that body core strength is essential to improve running during our training sessions on Monday and Friday before schools. Therefore, I decided that the second activity I will enrol is improving muscular strength. Recently, I had done push-ups nearly everyday and I had improved from 15 push-ups to 25. As my second activity, I decided to increase my upper body strength, body core strength, as well as my leg muscle strength.

The exercises I am going to undertake in this second activity are push ups, summo position, stepping up and down the stairs, and various types planks (basic plank, one hand plank, moving legs up and forth while in plank position)

However, I am unable to use all these various measurements all at once, so I will focus on measuring the maximum time I can hold on to the basic plank position. However, I will also undergo other exercises as a challenge.

The CAS learning outcomes I will aim to achieve are LO 2 and 4. Improvement in muscular strength require commitment and perseverance. The commitment is needed to ensure my regular and intense practice; perseverance is needed to make sure that my muscles do their best during each exercise. I also undertake challenges, as some of the exercises mentioned above are highly arduous, such as the plank with only one hand on the ground.

Here is the link to where the records of all my activities are kept.

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