Today, is my last day of year 12. Since the beginning of IB, the core team introduced students to ATL (Approaches to Learning). I believe that excellent ATL  skills are essential and will be a great support for my success in the IBDP.

In my last day of year 12, I took a questionnaire designed to assess and reflect on my ATL skills (Social, communication, thinking, research, and self-management). Through answering the questions that asses my ATL skills, I mainly excel more in thinking and self-management skills as well as research skills; the ATL skills I mostly need to improve on are Social and communication skills.

So what and how can I do to develop the skills that needs the most improvements?

With social skills unfortunately, there is no textbook for that skill unlike maths, science etc. Therefore I will just need to focus, and learn from my mistakes and experiences. One important note is to not be in denial, and do my best to not repeat mistakes I made. Currently, I do need to keep my mouth a bit more shut and again, think thoroughly before my mouth opens.

Self-management – I do need to clean up my desk more regularly, at least once in 2 weeks, and make sure to have a more organised system ie. everything goes back to where they are supposed to at all times. Furthermore, I need to make space by moving objects I rarely use to other places. I need several drops more of perseverance and commitment to eliminate procrastination and therefore get my work done.