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Lido Lakes

On the 28th of September I had one of the most exciting trips I will ever have in Ib which is going to Lido Lakes. The hotel is located in Bogor so the journey from BSJ to Lido Lakes was approximately 2 hours long. We departed from the school at 7:50 am and arrived at the destination at around 11am.

When we arrived at the hotel we had briefing about the activities that were going to do, safety issues, and finally our rooms. The activities that we all participated in for Wednesday and Thursday were: rafting, t-shirt painting, team building exercises, fun outdoor activities in the forest, trekking and finally paintball. Overall, the activity that I the best time in was paint ball because it was the most competitive activity, most terrifying, intense and also exhilarating activity of all. Although, I still had a wonderful and fun experience in the other activities.

After we finished our activities in each day we had some free time so we can get showered have some relaxation and hang out with our friends. For example when I was in my room with my roommates we always spared some time to play a game of cards.

Then when it was time for dinner I realised how hungry I was as I finished 3 servings of almost every type of food you could get in the buffet. After dinner we always had another activity that we all did as a year group. For example on Wednesday me and friends performed on stage by singing a rap song about the trip. Also on Thursday my tutor group performed on stage by singing the national anthems of our own countries all in the same time which triggered the whole audience to laugh at how funny it sound and also who took a knee to show what American football players are doing in order display diversity. After all the performance from each tutor group were done and a winner out those tutor groups were elected, the teachers sent us to our rooms so we can prepare for our final day which was to basically pack our bags.

On Friday morning we all had final activities to do before we were to leave the hotel. Because there were 3 events to do our year group were divided into 3. My group took part in fitness activity with our trainers being Mr Metters and Mr Rendle. You can imagine how tiring the activity was when one of the trainers was¬† an actual fitness training coach in the mornings before school and also how the other trainer was from the army. Although I didn’t think it was that tiring at all since I’m pretty fit.

When the first activity was over we were supposed to go on to the second but because of a construction site on the path to school we had to cancel the last 2 activities so we can leave the hotel as early as possible in order to arrive at the school right before the end of school. We then went back to the briefing area so the teachers can organise the buses for each tutor group and as that was commencing some people had to carry the luggages on to the buses and sadly I was on of them. We then left Lido lakes around 10 am so were expected to arrive at the school around 4 pm because the drivers said the journey will take 6 hours to get there due to traffic. Turns out the unexpected occurred when we realised that we arrived at the school at 12 pm which meant in only took us about 2 hours to get there. Thus that was the end of the whole trip.

When I think about all the activities we did together as a year group and also as tutor groups, I am glad how it made me closer to all the new students in my year and also my friends that were already here before year 12. The trip also gave me new memorable moments as there was never a dull moment during the year 12 residential.



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