CAS Reflection 4

As the school year has come to an end and cemented the passing of half of the IB program, the progress that came with the successes and obstacles of the majority of my CAS experience has come to mind. Both my CAS projects and experiences have allowed me to understand not only myself as an individual, with the privilege I am given and how grateful I should be to have all the opportunities I do, but to also understand the community and society I’m in, where there are economic, social, living, educational disparities that prevail on the same street, the same country, continent, and even around the world. These experiences have enabled me to grow as a student, and more importantly, as a person.

All my CAS experiences and projects evoke a sense of creativity, as both service projects including the musical and the volunteering revolve around constant use of imagination and innovation. As for the JSFA Girl Effect, without creativity, we wouldn’t be able to keep the girls’ attention focused, as we thrived off of creativity in the making of all the schemes for afternoon practices, regarding how we were going to teach them a certain move, or how we would incorporate football into a game. In the musical, creativity was required to solve the main issue of the threat of being accused of copyrighting an existing musical, Hairspray, therefore to overcome this we decided to create our own original musical by creating an authentic storyline accompanied by several existing songs. Throughout my volunteering, which I am about to begin, I have yet to discover what creative responses I will experience, but prior to the beginning of this project I have already begun packing several craft supplies for creative projects to be used while teaching arts and crafts to the special needs children.


This year wasn’t only the new exposure to IB, but the unfamiliar scope of facilities provided at a school that I was given the opportunity to use. These facilities have helped propel my routine, constant strive towards being active in the past year. I have engaged in morning classes, both with Ms. Kentwell and Mr. Metters, as well as Nike Training in PE, gymming after school, and yoga at the gym and at home when I can. In PE Nike, I have been able to track my progress by developing my skills and enhancing my ability to use a higher weight during the sessions. This is the same case for morning training. Similarly, at the gym I am able to track my progress by always aiming to use a heavier weight in the gym. Personally,
The school year is coming to a close and cements the midpoint of the CAS journey I’m undergoing as part of IB. I have undergone both successes and challenges, fortunately more of the former, and taken each step as a lesson of value to both my CAS experience, IB standing, and my personal life. I have learned to expand the way I think, in relation to how I view myself; as an individual with everything I am given the privilege of; as a member of a greater society with flaws and inequities that I can strive to help disperse to the best of my abilities.


My service project progressed successfully and the girls that we coached for JSFA Girl Effect ended the season with proud smiles, improved skills, and a clear passion for football. This experience has helped me recognize the disparities in privilege among society, especially because of the differences in opportunity that are set apart from each school, despite my school being near the school of these SDN Perigi girls. This has allowed me to integrate creativity, experience, activity, and service, with many girls, both the girls of the local school, and the girls who trained the kids with me every week. Alongside my passionate teammates, we were able to overcome the biggest challenge of miscommunication and lack of routine, by effectively discussing the problem, creating a solution, and following through, all of which were done as a group unitedly.

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