Spending My Summer Volunteering

Earlier last year I came across an shocking article that portrayed the inhumane treatment mentally disabled individuals experience within the Indonesian society (LO#6). Following up with research, I further discovered the inequality and stigmas they face simply due to the cultural taboo of what was believed to be “sinful” disabilities. I knew instantly that I […]

CAS Reflection 4

As the school year has come to an end and cemented the passing of half of the IB program, the progress that came with the successes and obstacles of the majority of my CAS experience has come to mind. Both my CAS projects and experiences have allowed me to understand not only myself as an […]

TOK Presentation

Over the past few weeks we were given the opportunity to practice for our real TOK presentation, which stands for a big part of our IB overall score, by choosing a partner or doing it alone. I thought that partnering up would be a better idea, since it would be the first time doing this […]

CAS Reflection 3 – Learning Outcomes

For the past six months, CAS has been a recurrent activity that’s impacted my life academically and outside of school. Through the services I’ve done, I have faced obstacles, learned new things about the community and the people in it, expanded my knowledge of the Indonesian language and of the situation of children who do not […]

CAS Reflection 2

Both us girls and the Sekolah Bisa kids enjoyed one of our last few training sessions before the nerve wracking football game on Saturday! Clearly the girls are ready, excited, having fun, and can’t wait to play against other people! #highhopes #dontdoubtyourself #motivation

Making the Web World Wide – TEDx Talk Response

Two weeks ago, all the Year 12 students were given the privilege of witnessing a live TEDx talk hosted by various people in the year above. There were a variety of Year 13 students who spoke about different issues or projects, ranging from the perils of democracy to starting up a school for the underprivileged. […]

CAS Reflection 1

So far, for my CAS creativity, I haven’t executed anything for my project yet, but I have had several CAS experiences.   As for my project, only planning has been done, with which a selected group of us have been organizing a musical. We’ve planned to orchestrate a musical that will take place at the […]

ATL Conference

As the day to host a workshop for Year 7’s approached, I dreaded it more and more. I don’t think of myself as someone who can easily talk to or get the attention of younger kids, so I wasn’t very excited. However, as I walked into the classroom of my first workshop where my partner, […]


For my CAS activity, I chose to join the Nike program for PE at school. I chose this activity because I think it would be beneficial for myself, and compared to the other possible activities, the one that would suit me the most. I hope to be able get relatively toned through this activity, and […]