Hello internet! Last wednesday the whole year group embarked on an epic journey to Lido Lakes. We were all filled with excitement, because finally it was a chance to get away from the revision and books and do something fun for once. The bus ride took us 2 hours and in our bus everyone was particularly tired as we had to wake up relatively early, but me and a few people were having some friendly banter, which lead to a lot of laughter.

After the two hour bus ride we arrived and we met all the other classes in the “Mahony” room. This room felt more like a home base or headquarters because this was where we would assemble with the rest of the year, whether it was for lunch, events or just a place to chill. After an assembly by Mrs.Barnard we split up into our form classes and we began our activities, filled with energy.

My form class 12A started off the day with team building activities. Firstly our classes were split into two groups, creating a competition within our class. Our fiIMG_5665rst team building exercise was to encrypt a message which would lead us to the next stage of the activity. By using all of our brain powers combined we were able to solve this puzzle leading us to the tennis courts. In my opinion this next activity was probably the hardest. We all sprinted to the tennis courts to find a set of shapes, which we had to use to make the shape of a square. Unfortunately we were only able to complete it due to the¬†teamworkhelp of the other group, but it shows how we were still able to work together as a whole class! However in the next activity weredeemed ourselves. In this activity we communicated very effectively in terms of establishing people’s roles and what needed to be done. Overall these games seriously helped our class in terms of interacting with one another and we learned that in order to succeed in a group, we need to communicate effectively.

Our next activity was high ropes ūüôĀ . This activity was not favoured by a lot of people especially me, because we are afraid of heights. But I knew that If I didn’t at least try to do these activities I would regret it throughout the trip. Therefore doing these activities really forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and I am proud that I did it. The activity within the high ropes which was the scariest though was definitely the base jump. This is when you had to climb up a ladder and attempt to touch the ball. It doesn’t sound terrifying but when I started to climb up the ladder, it was very unstable and once I reached the top, It was wobbling like mad. To add to the fear of the height, it was also raining which didn’t really help to be honest. Once I jumped off the ladder in attempt to touch the ball I was IMG_5710mixed in a sense of relief and fear. Fear because I felt like I was going to die and relief because I finally got it over and done with :P. This activity is one which really challenged me individually, so completing it makes me feel as if I have finally achieved something.

Moving onto the evening which honestly was filled with complete and utter banter. After the activities we returned to our rooms where we ended up playing a very popular card game in our year: “Chapsa”. In all honesty I barely know how to play the game but it can be really fun. Soon after we returned to ‘home base’ the Mahony room where we rehearsed for our LIP SYNC BATTLE. At first our whole class was torn between two ideas: All in this together from High School Musical or the Virgin America Safety video but we felt that more people would know about High School Musical so we chose that. Some were still disagreeing with the choice of this song but it was the majority so we went with it anyways. Thanks to our choreographer Rahmani, the inclusion of Daniel’s promposal and everyone’s enthusiasm we were able to come third overall, not too bad.

The next day of residentials arrived really quick, unlike me and my friends in the morning which resulted us in waiting on the stage :P. Today we were in store for a whopping three activities and we were all pumped! Our first activity in store for us was raft building. Once again we were split into two teams where there were two captains me and Daniel. After one hour of building our raft unfortunately me and my teams raft sank immediately as everyone entered the raft XD. This was partially due to the fact that no one sat in the middle therefore the weight wasn’t exactly distributed properly. However¬†giving up isn’t part of our mentality, we fixed and it continued to complete the challenge. After returning to our room to change as we were soaked in Lido lake water, we took a ride on the bus to the paintballing arena. In my opinion this was definitely the funnest activity, due to the fact we were able to shoot our friends and in some cases our teachers XD. Throughout the activity I worked relatively well with Daniel, Stuart and Marcus as we were able to run up to the opponent’s area and control it, however we were unsuccessful to retrieve the flag as we all ran out of bullets. During the activity when I was defending our flag, an unfortunate activity occurred. Mr. McClure (opponent) was0p running towards our flag so I fired aimlessly at him and all of a sudden Mr. Morris my team mate appeared out of nowhere and I shot him in the back of the head…. ¬†Of Course I apologized about 100 times but it will always be there to haunt me. But on the positive side, Mr.Morris could use it as a reminder of this amazing residential ūüôā . After all these energy filled activities we end with a very relaxing and enjoyable t-shirt making. I actually really enjoyed this session as it allowed us as a tutor group to bond, listen to good music and make out t-shirts. I personally found inspiration from in my opinion one of the best rappers Drake.

Moving onto the evening of the day we were told to complete the creativity challenge. This was to create a class anthem, creative class photo and a banner to represent us. Our class anthem used the background music form “Smack that – Akon” ¬†and it went like “12A come on lets go, Dream team will put a show, 12A – we won’t say no, Dream team – Oh oh oh oh oh”. If you listen it mixed with the music it sounds a lot more better. We then did an activity which I expected to be really boring, but I was wrong and it was actually really fun: The Ceili Dance. The only thing I regretted throughout this whole trip was that I didn’t ask a girl to dance with me. I guess they will just have to wait until formals, for that dance.

Throughout these three days of excitement it provided a great opportunity for the whole tutor class to bond however individually someone who has standed out to me was Ryan. In tutor time he is very quite however in this trip he finally opened up and was very open to some of us. I found out that he actually has a similar taste in music as me as he likes Kendrick Lamar (probably the second best rapper right now) and I never knew that about him. Ryan really brought a positive energy to the group with his amusing humour. Another person in my class which really stood out was Rahmani. Although during tutor time Rahmani isn’t exactly quiet, she took on the roll of leading us in the lip sync battle. She was able to manage a group of students who sometimes can get distracted very easily. Her hard work payed off as we came third but we are actually very close to coming second. Furthermore¬†the positivity she brought ensure that everyone was motivated and ready to go!


Overall to conclude this trip to Lido lakes has been one hell of an experience. It really allowed me to enhance my current friendships and possibly made one or two new ones. These activities has really allowed me to show how I can be a team player and work well with others. This has resulted in me improving my social and communication skills, which will hopefully transfer to my state of mind during classes. Thanks to Mrs. Barnard and all the teachers who made this trip possible¬†and it’s time to get back to the grind.