CAS Reflection 7- Final Interview

I finally had my final CAS interview with Ms. Hudson and I believe that I have achieved a lot through this and learned a lot. For the service aspect, teaching the girls of SD Parigi football was a great opportunity for both them and I. Through this, we allowed them to combat the issue of gender inequality as they play a sport that is dominated by the male gender. Collaboration and communication skills were crucial aspects of this entire project to work efficiently. Collaborating during the training sessions with each other and with other people outside the service group with more experience playing football truly helped in training these girls’ skills. I am very proud of what my service group and the SD Parigi girls have accomplished. Even though they have never won a game and have only had a draw with another team, it’s the experience that makes it all worth it.

For the creativity aspect, my peers and I designed the jerseys for the kids of the Girl Effect JSFA team as you all know. This benefited these girls because having a uniform emphasizes the unity and team aspect of the football team and these are children that struggle to get new clothes due to their financial standing and these jerseys were definitely important to them. The mismatched production was phenomena, props to Aisya’s talent for performing arts of course. The costume making process for the play that I was a part of was something positive for the play as the costumes we made must have embodied the characters well and I believe that we did. Costumes are very important for a play as it truly helps portray the character and provide strong visual support.

Activity was by far the hardest aspect of CAS for me as I am not that big of an athletic person. In the end, I was able to identify my strength, which is doing abs exercises that are easier on the upper body such as sit-ups, which are easier on the legs and arms. I am weak in the field of lifting weights while doing some exercises that can be used with weights so I worked a lot on that and now I can lift 10kg without feeling like my arms hurt too fast and this definitely was a great accomplishment. Exercising twice in a week every two weeks is definitely good for me in the future as it would benefit my health since I have asthma and a weak immune system. I do extra exercise at home for at least 30 minutes for a healthy lifestyle and I eat healthy as well. A healthy lifestyle not only benefits my internal health but it benefits my overall well being.

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