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As a whole half term has now passed in IB for our Year 12 students, I wanted to take the time to highlight some of the fantastic blogs which are developing.

Remember, the IB blog serves multiple purposes. Firstly, students have to keep a CAS reflective journal as evidence of their engagement in CAS and their development towards meeting the CAS learning outcomes. Students use their blogs for this journal. Secondly, students need to (very soon) keep a researcher’s reflective space as they work through the Extended Essay. Students will use the blog for this. Finally, the blog is a positive digital footprint, a way of sharing your experiences as an IB student and creating an e-portfolio which can be shared with university admissions and beyond. It demonstrates your ability to grow, reflect and communicate – key skills required by employers, but often lacking in students. The blog also creates a ready made personal statement – which will come in handy next year when applying for universities.

So what does a great Year 12 student blog look like? Well there’s Alfred’s highly reflective residential post on his blog, and Chloe’s outstanding blog in which she’s writing book reviews as well as doing what’s been asked of her with flair. Vanessa  has an excellent written style and sense of audience in her engaging blog, and Saskia’s chapter style is an engaging approach to attracting an audience. Kyle is developing a great blogging voice and Zelina has captured the perfect balance of image and engaging text in her lovely blog. Josephine’s posts are thoroughly enjoyable to read and enhanced with photographs. She also created a very well designed infographic about herself and her passions. Michael has a well organised blog, a great blogging voice and is using his blog to talk about his music production as well as his IB journey. Looking forward to that!

These blogs are great examples of how positive the blogging platform can be both for students and for readers. I hope those of you who have yet to change your theme or who have short and poorly thought out posts can take a lesson from the Superbloggers above in how to create great content.

And if you are concerned about how much writing you have to do on your blog, as we’ve told you before, the blog does not always have to be written. A simple ‘talking head’ video, or a Vlog, can do the trick just as well when you don’t feel like writing. That said, it’s a good idea to write sometimes, because the real audience for your blog improves your ability to write – and who doesn’t need that??

Well done to our Top Bloggers – looking forwarding to seeing some much improved blogging in the next few weeks.





Author: Ann Lautrette

Head of Sixth Form and IB Coordinator at BSJ.

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