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How to never miss a deadline…ever


As I was away from school last Thursday and Friday I’m quite late with my post. I like to do the round-up post on Fridays, but last week I just couldn’t manage it. But, since that’s a self-imposed deadline, it’s actually ok if I occasionally miss it.

And that’s a self-management trick right there. Rounding up the week should be done before Sunday, so I set my deadline as Friday. That way, if anything comes up – like this week, I’ve got a couple of buffer days. This, students, is the way to ensure you never miss a deadline:


And the larger the piece of work, the earlier you need to complete it. Writing a blog post takes about an hour, so the day or two before works fine. If I have to push it to the last minute I only need to find an hour. If I have to reduce sleep to get it done (not advisable – sometimes unavoidable) it’s an hour.

A 1500 word essay though, that’s probably a good 3 to 4 hours work or more – So I would make my internal deadline at least 4 days before the actual one. Then if I don’t make it at least I can spread the time over the days I’ve got left. (Cutting 3-4 hours sleep on the deadline day is not going to make the work any good and it is going to write off the next day’s efficiency and effectiveness – no matter how much you like to say that you can manage perfectly fine on 3-4 hours of sleep…you can’t.)

So hopefully none of our Year 12 students are sleep-deprived since work has not yet really built to the heights it will. The last few weeks of this half-term will be a little busier as each week goes by students go deeper into the IB programme. Falling behind is not an option.

I’m going to take this opportunity to remind Year 12:

Year 12 matters!

Your predicted IB grades will be used to apply to your universities of choice and those grades will be established in October next year, because the deadlines for university applications are between October and January 1st. (For the vast majority of students.) You’ve just had a few tests and marks in your subjects – are you happy? Do they reflect your effort? Why? or why not?

Next term you’ll get report grades and those grades will be on your transcripts, as will all of your Year 12 grades. Your Year 12 grades + End of Year 12 Exams + the first 6 weeks of Year 13 will equal your predicted grade. So, Year 12 matters. You can’t take it easy. If you’re effort leaves something to be desired you need a plan to improve that – right now!

You should also have analysed your Approaches to Learning Skills. You should know by now which areas to improve on, and we’ve put lots in place to help you…

-The ATL Flipboard magazines on this blog’s home page

-These blog posts usually contain ATL Tips

-The blog posts your peers write which can be really useful and I highlight them here.


But you know the expression ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’?

No one can make you improve your Approaches to Learning.

No one can make you learn.

No one can give great effort for you.

No one can get great grades for you.

And importantly no one ‘gives’ you grades. We hear this all the time…’Mr x gave me a 4′. Actually you ‘earned’ that 4 with what you did or didn’t do. And you’ll earn your final IB score.

So what you earn is up to you…we’ve provided you with a whole bucket of water, how much are you going to drink?


Author: Ann Lautrette

Head of Sixth Form and IB Coordinator at BSJ.

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