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TED X, TOK and Tinsel


And so we’ve made it! To the end of a 15 week term, nearly half the school year!

Year 13s are in desperate need of a holiday after a term of IAs and university applications, and Year 12 need some time to reflect now that the reality of IB has set in: Yes you get study periods and freedom, but you also get more work at a high academic level.

Over the past few weeks we’ve had many standout events in IB: IME conference, International week, R U OK? Week, our ATL conference and most recently TEDX. Our Y13 students delivered spectacular speeches which highlighted just how far they’ve come in both public speaking and their critical thought. In core with Year 12 we’ve used those speeches to assess how our students are getting on with TOK thinking.

TOK requires students to take concepts such as Areas of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing, Shared and Personal Knowledge and the Knowledge Framework, and to create a Knowledge Question which they can attempt to answer (even if they can’t) by applying it to Real Life Situations and exploring the implications. It sounds like a whole new language! And it is. It sounds really hard. And it is!

We asked our Year 12s to use one of the TEDX talks as the basis for a blog post examining the talk from a TOK perspective.

Overall we’ve been quite impressed with the results and I wanted to highlight a few of the outstanding posts here. Not only because they make a really interesting read, but because those year 12s who did less well on their own posts can use these as examples of what works.

In her discussion of Nathania’s politics Ted Talk, Aletta asks ‘who controls the mind of masses in politics? Who controls our emotions and desires that lead us to make these decisions? Second, how do we know that what we believe in is right? Is self-conviction in politics dangerous?’

Mathieu considers “To what extent can Mathematical models alone apply to real life scenarios involving other Areas of Knowledge?” in his post referencing Wilson’s traffic solution.

Chloe not only writes a great TOK post, but also demonstrates what an ideal student blog should look like.

A little light holiday reading for Year 12!

To all of you celebrating, a very Merry Christmas: enjoy the turkey and tinsel if that’s your thing!

To everyone else: Happy holidays and a very Happy New Year.

See you in January!

Author: Ann Lautrette

Head of Sixth Form and IB Coordinator at BSJ.

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