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December 4, 2015
by Ann Lautrette

IB students – Uni ready

The focus this week in Core has been on Research. 

Just in time too, as students are beginning to think about the Extended Essay.

4000 words: It sounds a lot to some, and to students who have probably never written that much before it is a lot. However, in relation to an undergraduate thesis of 10,000 words, or a master’s degree thesis of 20,000 words, it isn’t really that much.

Actually though, it isn’t the words which matter. Rather, it’s the skills the students develop.

One of the reasons universities love IB students is the Extended Essay. They know that students have had to carry out a piece of research, structure a lengthy research paper, cite and reference, write an abstract and justify their essay in a Viva Voce.

These are all vital skills for success in university and IB students come with them pre-loaded.

Just after the holidays students have to submit two proposals to two subjects. From there, faculties will decide whether the proposals can be developed into good Extended Essay topics or not. Once the subject is determined students will be assigned a supervisor who can proved them with 3-5 hours of support throughout the research and writing process.

The big thing about the Extended Essay though, is the independent nature of it. Supervisors are just that: supervisory. They won’t tell students what to do, edit essays, conduct research etc. They will simply advise based on what the student brings to the table. Which brings us back to why universities love that IB students do an Extended Essay – it shows that they can work independently, which is, of course, the most important skill students can possibly learn.

Our bloggers have demonstrated independence again this week, as again we haven’t assigned a post.

We’ve got very good CAS reflections from Prannay, Ayumi and Sarah.

Nathania shared an article she has written for Young Global Initiative.

Special mention for the title of the week goes to Larasati for ‘Spurious (CORE)lations‘. Very clever!

Blog post of the week

Post of the Week goes to David, who used the IGCSE certificate ceremony as a catalyst to excellent reflection on his own progress and goals.

Comment of the week is not actually a comment on someone else’s blog, but we had to give it to this one: ‘Now I realise more preparation is needed to produce an exciting yet educational 45 minutes workshop. I can’t imagine how teachers do this everyday for their lessons! Respect!’

‘RespecBadgeCommentt’ will get you everywhere Megan! Thanks. Yes teaching is an extremely challenging and exhausting job – but we love it!

And this week’s Blogger of The Week is Rania, who has reflected on the ATL workshops, helped us out with procrastination and even taken us into a time-lapse of her CAS activity!

Well done! bloggerofthe weekbadge





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