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August 29, 2015
by Ann Lautrette

Taking notes – The Cornell Way

Note-taking. A vital skill for university life, research shows that students who take good notes get better grades.

Yet, how many of our IB students actually know how to take good notes?

Well, all of Year 12 do, now.

In the core curriculum, one of our major objectives is to equip Year 12 with the study skills needed for success, so on Friday we taught them how to take notes – using the Cornell method.

A little refresher:



The Cornell method can combine note-taking and review. So, a student looking back over their notes for the day and writing summary words, key words, or questions is doing that all-important end of the day review.

When exam time comes around, Cornell notes can act as a quiz – cover the right hand side and try to recall as much as possible from the key words and questions on the left.

We gave Year 12 a template:

Let’s hope teachers can encourage students to take Cornell notes in their classes. And, let us know who is doing a great job!

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