CAS reflection 3

This blog post will see the progress of my CAS so far.

1. I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth

Even though I find no problem communicating with most people, I have never seemed to like the idea of being in a crowded area selling anything in general. CAS requires a service, and the service usually has a fund raiser since it is the best way to raise money for a cause. Due to this, many of my CAS projects included some sort of sale at school, such as the ice-cream sale for Round Square: Indonesia Unfolded, bake sale for Optimal health, or Valentines, and Movember for the Student Council. From these events, I figured out that my area of growth was related to getting familiar with environments which I’m not used to.

2. I undertake new challenges, I undertake new skills

This LO mainly links to Round Square and the project which I am doing along with Chiara and Sam. For the first time of my life, I was assigned with business letters and proposals. This was to contact companies that could be interested in the JFF and somehow convince them to help our cause. The format of the letter had to be formal and professional as it was an official document sent off. The letter was around a page long only, but for this single page I had to spent ages looking for drafts and examples to make it look as professional as possible. In the end, the letter wasn’t perfect but it was a new skill that I had learned through this assignment.

3. I plan and initiate

As a member of the executive student council, and somehow a member of the Round Square leadership team, I can say that LO3 has been my strongest point. Since both of these groups are leading a committee within school, almost all planning went through the group if there was an event or change taking place.

4. I show commitment, I persevere

For LO4, I’d like to talk about my activity and the goals which I’m supposed to reach by the end of its cycle. The goals I have set are ‘Chest Press 60kg max (1rep) by the end of the 15 week cycle’ and ‘Run 1k under 4min 10sec by the end of term 2’. The first goal was set around November, and have been reached a month back however I’m not sure if i can still say I’ve reached it because I can no longer reach 60kg at maximum. So I have reached it, however have not reached it at the same time. The second goal was set around January, also as a target for Gold International award. So far I haven’t made any blogposts about it, but have actually reached the goal. Unlike the other goal, I can still manage to do this.

5. I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognize the benefits of collaboration

During my very first Creativity project, I worked with Michael to create 2 workshops for year 7 and year 12. With collaboration, we managed to smooth sail through both of them. We took charge of 1 workshop each so less time would be consumed to make the presentations. Working together with someone and being able to rely on them really helps reduce the time taken for the work.

6. engage with issues of global significance

I think this is the hardest CAS LO any groups can face. This is because even if the project is to help someone less fortunate than us, most of the time it is in a local area, near BSJ. Hence it is difficult to claim it as a global issue.

With Round Square, we had to undertake a project which showed internationalism, and therefore created Indonesia Unfolded. We wish to make Indonesia Unfolded a compulsory project for each generation’s BSJ Round Square leaders. Currently in Indonesia Unfolded, we work with the John Fawcett Foundation, a foundation that help patients with eye cataract who cannot afford an operation. I believe that we engage with issues of global significance, as we raise awareness and show statistics of both Indonesia and the world’s blindness rate. Furthermore, the JFF is located in Bali, and extends to almost all parts of Indonesia.

7. I recognize ethical issues, I act ethically

Once again, this LO reflects mainly to Indonesia Unfolded: Sinarmatanya. When Chiara, Sam, and I went to Bali to meet with John Fawcett and his team, we had to respect the regulations of the foundation, and also the patients’s personal consent to interview and document. This LO is hard to recognize, since most of my projects do not tackle behavioural problems.

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