Activity goal 1 – Final CP

This is a late blog, as it has been a while since the first 15 week cycle after setting my first activity goal. This is also a short blog, as I wish to quickly state the conclusion of the 15 week cycle.

As seen below, all 3 of my goals have been reached, however this blog will only focus on the first goal “Max weight chest press at 60kg at end of 15 week cycle” as the other two are yet to have their CP1 blog.

After 3 and half months of training for my goal to reach 60kg at max, I finally reached it near the end of February. There was a big jump of weights between November 2016 and January 2017, as I never tried to chest press above 48kg before setting the goal. The growth seemed exponential, however at the end of CP2, it was very hard to improve that final 3kg for some reason. It may be because I haven’t been training the parts which I’m supposed to be but at the same time, it was very hard to make time to train. The 3kg gap seems weird as machines usually do not increase their weights by 3kg, however this is only because when measuring the 2 CPs, I used different chest press machines in different gyms.

Awkwardly enough, after reaching 60kg, I moved my focus towards running 1km under 4:10 minutes so as of now (March 2017) I wasn’t able to do 60kg at maximum until this week, where I managed to (again) reach 60kg for the second time.

CHECKPOINT/DATE Max weight chest press Max weight shoulder press Running 1km under 4:10
1 (November 2016)  48kg 35kg (Jan) 4:25
2 (January 2017)  57kg 42kg (Feb) 4:15
3 (February 2017)  60kg 45kg (Mar) 3:55


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