TOK presentation reflection

My first TOK presentation turned out OK, not too great but not bad. I was partnered up with Lily, and our Knowledge Question was: To what extent does shared knowledge affect one’s decisions?

From what I believe, one of the parts that went well for us was the RLS itself. The RLS gave us a lot to talk about, and many points to develop from. Due to this, we were descriptively explaining every slide we had, and went in depth for each claim and its counter claim. We also linked back to the RLS in the conclusion, which is probably better than not linking to the RLS at all.

However as this was our first TOK presentations, there were a number of flaws and points we’d like to improve for the next presentation. We didn’t link the questions that we brainstormed, and failed to explain how we reached to the KQ which we decided to use. We also didn’t use a large variety of TOK language so that’s something to think of next time we do the actual presentation. Since we had 2 AOKs and 2 WOKs, it was hard to link the two together for comparison, or to link it back to the KQ. From all this, the main issue was linking back to the Knowledge question so that’s the biggest point to develop next time.

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