CAS interview 2

A week before the exams I met with my CAS mentor , Mr Edwards. We talked about the current progress of my CAS tracker and the parts that I have filled in and yet to fill in. The meeting only lasted a short-while because Mr Edwards has looked at my tracker before the meeting.

This year I have almost completed all Creativity, Activity, and Service. The only thing remaining to do is to finish writing my blog posts, which I plan to finish by the end of summer holidays this year.

We talked mostly about how I achieved the LOs in CAS and which ones I felt as though I haven’t fully achieved. To be honest, I feel as though that I could have improved my progress through CAS but I enjoyed sitting down and discussing my achievements. I realised that I have done a lot this year, but I could have done a few things better and that we should all try harder not to miss out on such amazing opportunities to help out people in need.

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