Ice-cream sales

Its always a great idea to have an ice-cream sale at school. Not only its popular among students, it’s also a very good fund raiser. Closing in on our fund goal for the project Indonesia Unfolded: Sinarmatanya, we tried to reduce that margin a bit more.

We have done 2 ice-cream sales in total in the span of 3 months, and have gained a large profit from it. We have had 1 sale in the secondary area in front of the sports hall, and another one in the primary year 3/4 area. By hiring and contracting with Baskin Robbins, we managed to get their ice-cream  and sell it at school with 25% off its normal price.

The sale itself was a huge success, and many of our customers donated their spare change after purchasing the ice-cream as well. Thanks to that, we made our project more well known.

In all honesty, the sales could have been better if there was a proper system because the area in front of the sales always seems to become incredibly crowded, blocking paths for others to pass.

Conclusively, I believe that this fits LO 6 and 7 because fund raising for our project engages with global significance (JFF eye clinic), and the ethical issues behind the project.

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