Optimal Health

The optimal health group is a group of students who help the children of sekolah bisa with medical care, and dental checks.

I joined the optimal health group only as a temporary member because a member called Younghoon left school in the end of term 1 to move to a different country. My role in the group wasn’t very big. I just had to help the other main members with information gathering and sales. I believe I was a part of the group for a little over 3 months.

The last thing I had to do for the optimal health group was to come to Sekolah Bisa and record/take photos of the dental checkup which was taking place. We left during the beginning of lunch, and came back as quick as we could at the end of lunch.

Because the Dental and health checks only last a few days, and the preparation takes a few weeks, and I joined in the middle of the preparation, I didn’t go as deep as the other starting members. However, I did gather all the needed information, and of course I understand the project as well as the others now. Optimal Health ended this year as a success, and the 2 leaders are hopeful to find new interested members for next year.

Optimal health tackles LO7: I recognise ethical issues, I act ethically, and LO3: I plan and initiate the most, because I believe that taking care of students from another school cannot be done without understanding their perspectives and ethical issues if a problem occurs. 

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