Activity goal 3 (Checkpoints 3&Final)

So, here is my final checkpoint for my final activity goal for CAS.

Increasing my maximum by 7kg from November to January didn’t cut it, since the goal was yet to be achieved. So by February, I tried to finish this goal, which I surprisingly have. I managed to max 45kg by my third checkpoint, thus finishing my long journey.

I will be stating my current progress as my final checkpoint/blog since I’m missing one. Currently I have overachieved and passed the ‘A’ section of CAS by being able to do 65kg at maximum. Listen kids, no pain no gain.

Activity goal 3 (Checkpoints 1&2)

So, here is my final activity goal for CAS. I was really weak wasn’t I?

I started this goal in November when I was only able to shoulder press 35kg. That was my first checkpoint.

After 3 months, I was then able to do 42kg of shoulder press thanks to a change in exercise routine (more mass focused than cardio focused).

Activity goal 2 (Checkpoints 3&Final)

After my second checkpoint, I started running more often and quickly reached the time of 3 minute 55 seconds. I have completed my goal before the final checkpoint which is nice.

To give a small update and just to have something to talk about for the ‘final checkpoint’ section of this combined blog, I will tell you now that I can run it in 3 minute 50 seconds and I’m proud.

Activity goal 2 (Checkpoints1 & 2)

I’m almost 7 months late to writing this blog but that’s ok

My second activity goal which I have set to finish before the end of Year 12 term 2 was actually complete, but I have also completely forgotten to blog it.

My goal to run 1km under the time of 4 minutes 10 seconds started off rough, and I was only able to run 1km in 4 minute 25 seconds. However after some training and a few broken heart tendons, I reduced this time to 4 minute 15 seconds. This means I traded 1 tendon for 1 second.