CAS final interview

My third and final CAS interview took place on the 31st of January 2018. With my CAS complete, I went to go meet Mr. Brown, who is my CAS mentor as well as my core teacher.

I was then asked a set of questions, separately for my Service, Creativity, and Activity. If I were to recall, most of the interview covered the Service aspect of CAS. The questions which I were asked was of wide range, from “What went well in my service projects” to more specific questions such as “What could have been better during communications with external sources?”.

Since the service aspect of my entire CAS experience was the largest compared to the other two, I had a lot to talk about. Hopefully I answered everything to my fullest extent during the interview.

We then discussed about the smart targets which I have set for my three activity goals. It was finalised that the three targets were smart, hence this makes me smart as well.

After that, the creativity aspect was overviewed, focusing on the difficulties faced during the 5 creative projects which I have taken part in.

All and all, I believe that CAS helped me learn about issues which are faced by numerous people. Since we are given privilege by our surrounding environment and family, many issues are unknown to us.  These matters which are trivial to us may threat a large risk towards others, and CAS has taught me the exact nature of this. CAS was worth the time, although it did cause some hassle during the process.

That’s all for today and probably for the rest of IB. See you later

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