Suns out, guns out (Activity Blog)


As a part of my ACTIVITY section of my CAS, I have decided to lift heavy things across rooms in the school. Exercising is something that I have been passionate about even before the introduction of CAS. The school has basically given me a free activity that I can set a goal and develop myself to record it as a part of CAS. For this, I have chosen weights. Why? Because weights is something that anyone can pickup at any age, and set a self driven target. Also, because I hate running and I slightly enjoy the pain of Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


I hope to learn proper body posture during these different types of weight exercises over the few weeks we will be doing this. For example, I would like to perfect my posture during squats or bench presses. These postures are sometimes worrying for me, as I have never had a chance to use free weights. I have used machine supported bench presses and other equipment, and I somewhat worry that it will be massivly different to free weights.


Of course, setting a goal and beating it is exciting. However, this will take time and effort to complete over 15 weeks. Over the 15 weeks, this will help me develop CAS L.O 1: Identification of my areas for growth, and CAS LO 4: Showing commitment.

Current progress:

CHECKPOINT/DATE Max weight chest press Max weight shoulder press Max weight deadlift

Lido Lakes 2016


I already don’t remember what day I had to wake up at 5 and get ready for the residential trip. Maybe It’s a bad thing that I tend to forget things very easily. As a 16 year old boy, I should worry about it but today, I’m going to worry about this blog.

The residential was action packed and had a rather busy schedule. I can recall activities such as paintball, raft building, T-shirt painting, and team building. From these, my favourite activities were the paintball and raft building. I can now say, that paintball hurts if you’re shot in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Being shot in the mouth and eating paintballs got me to multitask, running around AND getting rid the atrocious taste of gelatin like a dog marking its territory. Me flailing after getting shot made some people laugh, which is understandable, because I too, laughed at the others getting bombarded with paint.

The majority of the team building program was difficult, but what really made me struggle was the activity which required us to dribble a ball through small gaps with a cone on our faces. It seemed easy at first, but after wearing the cone, things were different. It took away 95% of my vision, and made me rely on my teammates to shout the direction I needed to swing my wooden hockey stick around. I was the first sacrifice to be made from my team, which made everyone else think I had horrible hand to eye coordination. Unfortunately for them, we all seem to have disturbingly bad coordination.

Finding new and interesting things about ourselves were the hardest part. For me, I thought I knew everything about myself but it seems like I didn’t know one aspect about me. My friend kept on waking up due to a cold during the night, and every time he woke up, he would tend to look around. The next morning, he mentioned to me that I slept in the same position for the entire night, with my arms crossed and my legs straight, facing towards the ceiling. Fascinating.

Thinking really hard, but still very difficult to find what I learned about other people.  However if I had to describe it in short, Isaac has a memory span of approximately 7 hours and Filbert likes to sleep with his shoes on.

1+2+3+4+….+∞= -1/12 ???

Why is it so hard to start off a blog post?

Maybe it’s because I don’t have much KNOWLEDGE and experience on blogs.  So far, I know that blogs are written in a conversataion style, regularly updated by an individual or a group of people. Else than this, I don’t know what I don’t know.

When I was asked about what knowledge is, I wrote “Knowledge is information, based on both the truth and the false which we use to communicate with others and enhance our abilities”. I asked the same question to papa google, it responded to me with a dictionary definition of “facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject”.  I would like to say I almost knew it, but obviously there is a latge gap inbetween the two definitions. Anyhow, my point is that people have different thoughts on knowledge and claims of knowledge. What we know now was built upon many claims made in the past. Some claims were proven to be more believable and scientific than others. The Earth is the centre of the universe. People knew that this was true until a long time of philosophical work that proved that it actually wasn’t. 

Now, time for the claims that I’ve heard in the past few weeks. 1+1=2. Thankfully, last week wasn’t my first time learning this. Everyone in the world knows that 1+1=2 but how do we actually know that this is the truth? 1+1 can be anything if we were never given the fact that it leads to 2. So technically, we BELIEVE that 1+1=2. If we were to KNOW that 1+1=2, we would be able to relentlessly rap out the complete reason behind it. Fortunately for us, someone from long long time ago has already made a 2 page explanation as to why 1+1 is indeed 2.


Another mathematic claim. Okay, an actual claim this time. 1+2+3+4+….+∞= -1/12
I know what you’re thinking. This is complete garbage talk. Believe it or not, you will be so convinced that this is actual knowledge rather than just a belief or an opinion after watching this video.
I just watched it again and I’m still so confused. Ways of knowing- many mathematical equations that seem to prove this absurd addition of numbers.

Quickly moving on to the third and final claim of the week, this time around its the knowledge claim stating that theres always 6.022140857(74)×1023  molecules in 24,000  cm3 of any gas.  I shall assess the validity of this. As a student who takes HL chemistry, I forsure know that this is a fact. However, same case with the 1+1 situation, I only know that this is a fact, I don’t know why I know that this is the fact. There are various equations and graphs behind the multiples of numbers that explain the occurance which I haven’t learned yet, only because its way too complicated for me right now.

Believing and knowing is different. Know the facts and believe in yourself *cheesy exit*.


The very first


Hello everyone, my name is Jongwoo I have been a student at BSJ for over 6 years. I remember my very first day at school as a day of anxiety and fear, the reason mainly that BSJ was the first school that I have transferred to, so everything and everyone I’ve known were no longer relevant. I’ve quickly figured the way around the school and made a new friends. As time accelerated by, I’ve realised that nothing remains the same. Each year I would lose friends, meet new people, and have different grades. After a few years of change and 2 sets of uniform, I have finally reached last obstacle of school, IB.

On the very first morning of IB, I woke up and slithered into my blue shirt just to realise I’m no longer allowed to. No matter how hard I thought about it, I couldn’t believe that I now go to school every morning in the fancy white shirt that shouts “Responsibility”. I spent the very first hour of IB looking around the common room to get used to seeing everyone else in their very responsible uniform. Not   long after that, I had to get used to using many different acronyms such as: CAS, TOK, and ATL. The definitions were straight forward and easy to remember except for ATL (Approaches To Learning) which consists of communication, social, self-management, research, and thinking. So far, I’m confident with my social skills as well as my communication skills. I would like to work on my researching skills throughout the years of IB, but what really confused my little mind was the self-management part. It wasn’t very often that I look back to myself and sight my weak points and strengths. Few thoughts and questions later, I figured out that I wasn’t the best at personal reflection, however I believe I manage my time very well and like to keep organised. The two points seemed to contradict each other because if I was to be bad at noticing mistakes quickly, how can I keep perfectly organised? No worries me, I will figure it out by the end of the IB curriculum. ATL will always be a part of the IB curriculum, and my skills can only develop from here on.

I consider IB as the most important phase of school life, and so this is the time that I need to be the most active in. BSJ has a lot of leadership opportunities, especially this year with the introduction of the new executive student council group. I feel as if I need to do it, as leadership will be immensely important later on in the future. These opportunities are not given to everybody, so I am extremely grateful that I was given a chance to participate in conferences and international competitions which occurs annually held by or participated by BSJ.

Nothing can be certain at this point, I’ve had many aspirations for different careers which included being a chef, a football player, engineer, and many more. Most of these aspirations ended due to change of hobbies or subject preferences, except for engineering which I purely stopped being motivated because of its requirements to sit down and look at the screen 24/7 . After many unsure dreams and thoughts, I  wish to major in biochemistry or biotechnology in university, to carry on into those fields as an adult.

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CAS & Me