Activity goal 1 – Final CP

This is a late blog, as it has been a while since the first 15 week cycle after setting my first activity goal. This is also a short blog, as I wish to quickly state the conclusion of the 15 week cycle.

As seen below, all 3 of my goals have been reached, however this blog will only focus on the first goal “Max weight chest press at 60kg at end of 15 week cycle” as the other two are yet to have their CP1 blog.

After 3 and half months of training for my goal to reach 60kg at max, I finally reached it near the end of February. There was a big jump of weights between November 2016 and January 2017, as I never tried to chest press above 48kg before setting the goal. The growth seemed exponential, however at the end of CP2, it was very hard to improve that final 3kg for some reason. It may be because I haven’t been training the parts which I’m supposed to be but at the same time, it was very hard to make time to train. The 3kg gap seems weird as machines usually do not increase their weights by 3kg, however this is only because when measuring the 2 CPs, I used different chest press machines in different gyms.

Awkwardly enough, after reaching 60kg, I moved my focus towards running 1km under 4:10 minutes so as of now (March 2017) I wasn’t able to do 60kg at maximum until this week, where I managed to (again) reach 60kg for the second time.

CHECKPOINT/DATE Max weight chest press Max weight shoulder press Running 1km under 4:10
1 (November 2016)  48kg 35kg (Jan) 4:25
2 (January 2017)  57kg 42kg (Feb) 4:15
3 (February 2017)  60kg 45kg (Mar) 3:55


Indonesia Unfolded: Sinarmatanya (LOGO)

After finally getting green light for the project we originally planned in the beginning of last November, we made a timeline of what should be achieved first and last. The very first was to create a name and a logo for the project, so that we can advertise this whenever we were going to hold an event or ask for proposals.

As the First Round Square committee leaders, we felt obligated to do the best we can to implement the 6 IDEALS through a long term project. And due to that, we may have spent an excessive amount of time to perfect the logos (LO3).

The reason why I said logoS and not logo was because we decided to have 2 logos instead of one. 1 for the project (Indonesia Unfolded: Sinarmatanya), and 1 for the Group (Indonesia Unfolded).

To be fair, I’m not all great at designing or even using the designing softwares to begin with. This was a real challenge for me because of that (LO2). I struggled for a few hours just generating ideas of what the logos should look like, and in that time I wasted because I was inefficient could have been used for a better cause. However, it has to start somewhere right?

Indonesia Unfolded
Indonesia Unfolded: Sinarmatanya

Activity Checkpoint 2

Checkpoint 2 of the activity blog:

It has been quite a while since by last blog about the activity goal at school. My goal was to be able to chest press 60kg maximum at 1 rep.

It wasn’t possible for me to train all chest during the school PE lessons. Furthermore, there were some hindrances during the 15 weeks cycle which i have proposed at first. Due to this, I decided to train at home at the apartment gym.

I have decided to remove deadweight from my goals, as I cannot train for it away from the school gym. Training at the apartment gym, I could only use the bench press to train for chest press, as the gym does not have a chest press machine. I have managed to chest press 9kg more and shoulder press 7kg more.


CHECKPOINT/DATE Max weight chest press Max weight shoulder press
1 (November 2016)  48kg  35kg
2 (January 2016)  57kg  42kg

Christmas at Cafeteria

Back in November, the student council was assigned the task to decorate the cafeteria for the upcoming Christmas Holiday. We were quiet surprised because it was such a sudden decision which we had to follow up upon. Anyhow, we recuited a team of year 12s to help us decorate the cafeteria for a few days.

We were given around 2 weeks to complete planning, setting up, and taking down all the ornaments. We planned within the 5 IB members of the student council for a bit less than a week, and sent out an email to all year 12 students to see if anyone was willing to help, in trade for an extra creativity in their CAS planner sheet (CAS LO.3: I plan and initiate).

Everyone collaborated very well, and the process was sped up due to the large number of members we had who were willing to help. That reflects upon the CAS LO.5: I demonstrate collaborative skills/I recognise the benefits of collaboration.

The process followed these steps:

  1. Gather team and split roles
  2. Go to ACE and purchase all required decorations
  3. Put it up in the cafeteria

On the first week of December, we started to initiate our plans every afterschool. Each day of the week, the team would go to the cafeteria after the end of school and hang baubles, wreathes, tinsels and place inflatable snowmen and santa clause on each sides of the entrance.

This all required quite a bit of thinking since the cafeteria was a large place to decorate the entire thing. In the end, we didn’t end up decorating the cafeteria like one of those scenes of a Christmas party in a cliche family movie. However, that doesn’t matter because in my opinion, it still looked better. At least better than what the cafeteria originally looks like.


Jakarta marathon 2016


23rd of October, I took part in the Jakarta marathon for the fun of it. My bad, it wasn’t fun. It definately was a new experience for me though. Even if I only ran 10 kilometers out of 42, it was something that I can look back and think “wow that was a long run”.

I signed up for the 10k run around 2 months or so before the actual run happened. I thought it would be best to go on practise runs and prepare for the marathon so I went down to the gym and ran about 5k each visit. This went on for a while until I fell ill for a week and half. A series of unfortunate events occured after this. I visited Germany a week before the marathon due to RoundSquare, and hello jetlag. Honestly, first time experiencing proper jetlag.

As expected, I got 3 hours of sleep before the D-day. I’m not trying to give an excuse, but thats an excuse. The marathon started off fairly well, running 3k just around 15 minutes, however just as we reach the 3k mark, it started raining. Younghoon kept on running but me and Simon took shelter because we didn’t want to get sick again. After some deep thinking, we thought that it would be a huge waste to just stop after 3k, not only because of the entry fee we paid, but also because we signed up for this to complete the race. The rain subsided after a few minutes so we continued running. Cliche reflection point 1: never give up.

Passing 5k, I got extremely exhausted. Sitting down was the favourable option for me at the time. I was running with Simon and without him, I would have never found the determination to keep up the pace with the other marathon runners. I’m not sure as to why I was so disencouraged to race but the next time I compete in a marathon, I’ll be overly-encouraged.

Finally crossed the line, marking 1 hour 17 minutes; a record I’m barely proud of. If anything, this will be my guide to improve my fitness (or sleep the night before). Next year, I want to cross the line in an hour, which I’m confident I can manage after figuring out how my first marathon went. To do this, I need to do more cardiovascular workouts and measure my heartrate after a certain distance so I know if I need to significatly improve my overall fitness or not.

Hashtag Never skip leg day


The Interview

A slow start to the year. Last month, I met with my CAS mentor, Mr Edwards to have a talk about my current progression in CAS. It was the very first interview, so there wasn’t much I could talk about due to my lack of projects.  I have only completed 1 creativity and 1 activity projects so far. Almost all of my remaining projects, I have set up and are just waiting on the right time of the year to begin.

For creativity, I’ve completed the ATL conference last month. Thats about it so far. However I have various creative projects which I am currently in part of, such as the’ Movember movement’ with the student council and ‘Rachel House- The living wall’ with a few of my friends. I’m also helping to arrange the formals which will be taking place in March the 11th, however I’m not too entirely sure if that counts as a creative project. I plan to expand on these by engaging effectively with my peers to consolidate the project until the end of it, as most of it are currently still in development. I’d like to say it covers the first 5 CAS LOs, but as far as I can tell, creativity projects really makes us work with each other, because most of our projects are student run and student based. So top 2 ‘correct’ answers would be that I have engaged in CAS LO 3: I plan and initiate, and CAS LO 5: I demonstrate collaborative skills.

What started my activity part of CAS was the jakarta marathon. I signed up to be a part of it, because it was something that I’ve never done before in my entire 16.75 years of my life (Late post-marathon blog coming soon). The marathon is one thing, but the activity that I properly set a goal for was weights. My main goal by the end of the 15 week cycle is to be able to chest press 60kg at maximum. I haven’t had a check point yet, but I’m beginning to slowly improve overtime. In my CAS mentor interview, Mr Edwards set me a pushup challenge to help improve muscle endurance. He suggested that I do as many pushups as I can every morning immediately after waking up, and I struggle. On a good day I can do upto 70 but on a good morning I can do 15.
I find recording this the hardest part of the goal because theres not really a way to prove that I’ve been practising every week. I could take photos but that wouldn’t be reliable as anyone can just take random photos and upload it onto the internet #GymSelfie.
After I reach this goal, my next goal is most likely to be squats or cardio purely because I hate running and I want to challenge myself.
The learning outcomes engaged at a significant level are CAS LO 1 and CAS LO 2. This is because I make room for improvement as I practise with heavier weights each time, and heavier weights are a new challenge to me.

C.A.Service is the most unproductive part for me. Currently its the calm before the storm since I’m yet to visit JAAN due to JAAN not being available every weekend. JAAN is an organization dedicated to help animal welfare, by rescuing and finding shelters for animals. We don’t have a set target for it yet, but I’m sure this will be one heck of a journey.
I’ll have to mention the student council once again, as I have only found out 2 weeks ago that being part of the student council executive team apparently counts as a service project. I’ll be a part of the team until the end of year 12, so my plan is to do my best to make sure all 8 of us are engaged in developing new projects within the student council which we can share with the rest of the student body.
CAS LO 6 correctly descibes service projects, are they are something that really reaches out to the world and makes a difference among lives. Along with this, I believe that service projects require a lot of respect from us, because service shouts “change” for the better. Therefore I have chosen that CAS LO 7 is definitely needed for this.

I’ve learned that theres always room for improvement in any aspect of my CAS, and theres always something to change even if it seems perfect at the time. I’ve also learned that I’m super bad at teaching children because I mentally struggled during the ATL workshops.

We have another one and half years of CAS left. I have so many ideas in my head that I want to initiate and develop after my current projects are completed, such as the Round Square community service projects that Sam, Chiara and I are planning to start during late term 2. CAS seems to improve me both physically(activity) and mentally (through service and creativity), and I’m looking forward to take part in all of that.

Suns out, guns out (Activity Blog)


As a part of my ACTIVITY section of my CAS, I have decided to lift heavy things across rooms in the school. Exercising is something that I have been passionate about even before the introduction of CAS. The school has basically given me a free activity that I can set a goal and develop myself to record it as a part of CAS. For this, I have chosen weights. Why? Because weights is something that anyone can pickup at any age, and set a self driven target. Also, because I hate running and I slightly enjoy the pain of Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


I hope to learn proper body posture during these different types of weight exercises over the few weeks we will be doing this. For example, I would like to perfect my posture during squats or bench presses. These postures are sometimes worrying for me, as I have never had a chance to use free weights. I have used machine supported bench presses and other equipment, and I somewhat worry that it will be massivly different to free weights.


Of course, setting a goal and beating it is exciting. However, this will take time and effort to complete over 15 weeks. Over the 15 weeks, this will help me develop CAS L.O 1: Identification of my areas for growth, and CAS LO 4: Showing commitment.

Current progress:

CHECKPOINT/DATE Max weight chest press Max weight shoulder press Max weight deadlift