Final – Activity goal 1

The activity goals that I have set are complete, and this blog shows the end of goal number 1.

I have manage to chest press over 60kg in the end of the cycle which was in February. Currently I can do around 68kg after continuing to exercise the goal.

Optimal Health

The optimal health group is a group of students who help the children of sekolah bisa with medical care, and dental checks.

I joined the optimal health group only as a temporary member because a member called Younghoon left school in the end of term 1 to move to a different country. My role in the group wasn’t very big. I just had to help the other main members with information gathering and sales. I believe I was a part of the group for a little over 3 months.

The last thing I had to do for the optimal health group was to come to Sekolah Bisa and record/take photos of the dental checkup which was taking place. We left during the beginning of lunch, and came back as quick as we could at the end of lunch.

Because the Dental and health checks only last a few days, and the preparation takes a few weeks, and I joined in the middle of the preparation, I didn’t go as deep as the other starting members. However, I did gather all the needed information, and of course I understand the project as well as the others now. Optimal Health ended this year as a success, and the 2 leaders are hopeful to find new interested members for next year.

Optimal health tackles LO7: I recognise ethical issues, I act ethically, and LO3: I plan and initiate the most, because I believe that taking care of students from another school cannot be done without understanding their perspectives and ethical issues if a problem occurs. 

Student Council as a service(?)

As a member of the student council executive, I have taken part in various school activities which were either setup by the student council, or asked by other groups to help out for a certain cause. Frankly, if i wasn’t a member of the student council, my CAS record sheet would have looked a lot more emptier. However, of course that wasn’t the reason why I chose to apply for the membership.

I initially sent in my applicant form which talked about student teacher relationship and the problems of miscommunication within any members of the school, not particular to just students and teachers. When the 8 members of the student council executive held our first meeting back in August, we talked about each and every one of our applications and the goals that we intend to achieve. After it has been discussed, it was put into a singular problem of ‘transparency’. We believed that the school was not transparent enough towards the students and teachers, which led to loss of trust miscommunication, and lack of information. That did not mean that the school was at fault, but had too many regulations currently placed. Over the span of 10 months, we have been slowly progressing through the issue while working on other short term projects and problems such as Movember. I personally believe that the transparency of the school has improved at least slightly, and we intend to dig further into the problem until December of 2017.

The whole problem of ‘transparency’ is only a peek of what we have, and are going to accomplish.

Other than major long term issues such as that, we have produced many events and helped with various causes. I believe our first fund raiser was in November, and it was for the Mary’s Cancer Kiddies charity. We raised a total amount of 22million rupiah in just over a week, and handed the funds over in late term 2. Another fund raiser was for the girl effect, which involved us running around school selling chocolates and roses during valentines. That was definitely a hectic week due to the emotional struggles of those who did receive roses but wasn’t sure from who, and the emotional struggles of those who did not receive anything from anyone. We also helped with minor projects such as the Christmas decoration, Halloween event, and international week. For the minor events, everyone from the student council including social and welfare committees helped out.

The only problem which I see from being a member of the student council isn’t the busy schedule or the more than weekly meetings we hold during breaks or after school, but the complaints and the questions we get as the student council. We’re often asked “What do you guys actually do?” which sometimes can grind our gear. So here I am, explaining in a blog that not everything we do can be disclosed to the student body immediately. Also, the actions we take and the meetings we have with board of governors etc are rather boring to the public compared to the events the house leaders hold.

“We work in the shadows to serve the light” 

I believe that being in the student council helps me develop all 7 CAS LOs, but if I were to pick, it would be LO4: I show commitment, I persevere, and LO5: I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognise the benefits of collaboration. The things the student council does cannot be carried out by a single member, but only possible if we all take part and do our jobs. The student council this year was the best so far in my opinion because we really succeeded in these aspects throughout the whole of the year. If I had the chance, I would 100% work with them again.

Ice-cream sales

Its always a great idea to have an ice-cream sale at school. Not only its popular among students, it’s also a very good fund raiser. Closing in on our fund goal for the project Indonesia Unfolded: Sinarmatanya, we tried to reduce that margin a bit more.

We have done 2 ice-cream sales in total in the span of 3 months, and have gained a large profit from it. We have had 1 sale in the secondary area in front of the sports hall, and another one in the primary year 3/4 area. By hiring and contracting with Baskin Robbins, we managed to get their ice-cream  and sell it at school with 25% off its normal price.

The sale itself was a huge success, and many of our customers donated their spare change after purchasing the ice-cream as well. Thanks to that, we made our project more well known.

In all honesty, the sales could have been better if there was a proper system because the area in front of the sales always seems to become incredibly crowded, blocking paths for others to pass.

Conclusively, I believe that this fits LO 6 and 7 because fund raising for our project engages with global significance (JFF eye clinic), and the ethical issues behind the project.

TOK presentation reflection

My presentation went better than what I initially expected. I wasn’t very confident in TOK because I didn’t understand callido and the TOK books very well. However, my results came out great, and I suppose I don’t have to redo it unless the TOK essay comes out horribly.

During the last presentation, I have learned that I needed to include more TOK concepts and language in my presentation, as well as mentioning the reasons behind the claims and the counter claims. I have also read off the notes too much during the practise presentation, so I tried my best not to read a lot this time. I have also tried to link the claims and the counter claims back to the central Knowledge questions and the Real life situation which I have chosen to use. However I felt as if I repeated too many points and could have done better if I mentioned more about personal and shared knowledge.

CAS interview 2

A week before the exams I met with my CAS mentor , Mr Edwards. We talked about the current progress of my CAS tracker and the parts that I have filled in and yet to fill in. The meeting only lasted a short-while because Mr Edwards has looked at my tracker before the meeting.

This year I have almost completed all Creativity, Activity, and Service. The only thing remaining to do is to finish writing my blog posts, which I plan to finish by the end of summer holidays this year.

We talked mostly about how I achieved the LOs in CAS and which ones I felt as though I haven’t fully achieved. To be honest, I feel as though that I could have improved my progress through CAS but I enjoyed sitting down and discussing my achievements. I realised that I have done a lot this year, but I could have done a few things better and that we should all try harder not to miss out on such amazing opportunities to help out people in need.

Round Square, the change is here

So it has been quite a while since we (Sam, Chiara, and I) have proposed this idea as a CAS service/creativity. Starting from the end of last year, we have been planning thoroughly of what we can do to implement the 6 IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership, Service) of Round Square to our very own school, BSJ. Basically the 6 IDEALS are the counteract to the 6 declines that Kurt Hahn believed occurred in modern youth. Kurt Hahn is the inspiration and creator of Round Square, Outward Bound, and the Duke of Edinburgh, which we are very familiar with.

Our first steps were to gather members for the committee newly starting this year. The members were chosen from year 10 to year 12, as it was believed that they could contribute the most. Having weekly meetings, we explain how the Round Square works, and how to spread the ideals around the school. We have asked the committee members to take a look around school and take photos of what is believed to be one of the 6 ideals. These can be activities at school such as MUN, Student Council, International Award,  House Leaders, Eco Committee, and any CAS service projects.

As we have thought about doing a long term project for a while to implement Internationalism, Democracy, and Service, we decided that it was best to help an organization called the John Fawcett Foundation.All of the patients in the JFF do not have the wealth to pay for a surgery in a private hospital. The JFF is based in Bali, and helps those with an eye cataract by providing free surgery and care.

Recently, they have faced problems of mobility, as they cannot reach parts of Indonesia due to the area being very isolated or in extreme terrains. We are planning various fund raisers to help their cause, and hopefully boost their solution.

To build up upon our initial ideas, Chiara, Sam and I visited the JFF headquarters in Bali to witness firsthand how their program works. With approval, we interviewed John Fawcett himself, Dr Wayang, and the patients to gain a greater view on their cause and their perspectives. I won’t explain too much on this, because we’ll make a short video about this very soon.

We wish to raise $8000 by the end of this academic year, and to do this, we need everyone’s help to spread our project around school. We will be holding many assemblies for each year groups, so look forward to those.

In conclusion, we’ll spend a lot of time doing this.

To be honest, all the CAS LOs apply to this project. But if I had to pick out the 2 which is the most important, it would be LO6 and LO7 because not all CAS projects deal with global issues and ethical issues, and I believe that’s what makes us unique compared to all other services.

Round Square x BSJ

Our plans as the Round Square leaders have started off smoothly. So far we have visited the John Fawcett Foundation, and have agreed to help them with their cause through our own methods of fundraising.

#JFFeyecataract #RSxBSJ #Weallcanhelp

Movember November


November was a very busy month. I was lucky enough to be seleted as one of the members of the new student council executive for this year. Our aim for November was to revive Movember November, which we believed deteriorated over the last few years.

This was our first major project. We have thought about what to do as a group, and how we should help a seleted group. In the end we have decided to fundraise and raise awareness for a group called Mary’s Cancer Kids. The 8 of us planned together the dates and the costs for all the sales which we will be holding through out the entire month of November. We then brought along a few other members of the student council social committee to have rotating roles for each week.

We sold candies shaped in moustaches, and wristbands which would be added as a vote for a teacher of your own choice. In the end of all this, we aimed to raise a total amount of 15mil Rph, and fortunately we managed to raise over 22mil Rph.

This was our first long term project, and I believe that it ended better than I have initially thought it would.