CAS interview 2

A week before the exams I met with my CAS mentor , Mr Edwards. We talked about the current progress of my CAS tracker and the parts that I have filled in and yet to fill in. The meeting only lasted a short-while because Mr Edwards has looked at my tracker before the meeting.

This year I have almost completed all Creativity, Activity, and Service. The only thing remaining to do is to finish writing my blog posts, which I plan to finish by the end of summer holidays this year.

We talked mostly about how I achieved the LOs in CAS and which ones I felt as though I haven’t fully achieved. To be honest, I feel as though that I could have improved my progress through CAS but I enjoyed sitting down and discussing my achievements. I realised that I have done a lot this year, but I could have done a few things better and that we should all try harder not to miss out on such amazing opportunities to help out people in need.

Activity goal 1 – Final CP

This is a late blog, as it has been a while since the first 15 week cycle after setting my first activity goal. This is also a short blog, as I wish to quickly state the conclusion of the 15 week cycle.

As seen below, all 3 of my goals have been reached, however this blog will only focus on the first goal “Max weight chest press at 60kg at end of 15 week cycle” as the other two are yet to have their CP1 blog.

After 3 and half months of training for my goal to reach 60kg at max, I finally reached it near the end of February. There was a big jump of weights between November 2016 and January 2017, as I never tried to chest press above 48kg before setting the goal. The growth seemed exponential, however at the end of CP2, it was very hard to improve that final 3kg for some reason. It may be because I haven’t been training the parts which I’m supposed to be but at the same time, it was very hard to make time to train. The 3kg gap seems weird as machines usually do not increase their weights by 3kg, however this is only because when measuring the 2 CPs, I used different chest press machines in different gyms.

Awkwardly enough, after reaching 60kg, I moved my focus towards running 1km under 4:10 minutes so as of now (March 2017) I wasn’t able to do 60kg at maximum until this week, where I managed to (again) reach 60kg for the second time.

CHECKPOINT/DATE Max weight chest press Max weight shoulder press Running 1km under 4:10
1 (November 2016)  48kg 35kg (Jan) 4:25
2 (January 2017)  57kg 42kg (Feb) 4:15
3 (February 2017)  60kg 45kg (Mar) 3:55


TOK presentation reflection

My first TOK presentation turned out OK, not too great but not bad. I was partnered up with Lily, and our Knowledge Question was: To what extent does shared knowledge affect one’s decisions?

From what I believe, one of the parts that went well for us was the RLS itself. The RLS gave us a lot to talk about, and many points to develop from. Due to this, we were descriptively explaining every slide we had, and went in depth for each claim and its counter claim. We also linked back to the RLS in the conclusion, which is probably better than not linking to the RLS at all.

However as this was our first TOK presentations, there were a number of flaws and points we’d like to improve for the next presentation. We didn’t link the questions that we brainstormed, and failed to explain how we reached to the KQ which we decided to use. We also didn’t use a large variety of TOK language so that’s something to think of next time we do the actual presentation. Since we had 2 AOKs and 2 WOKs, it was hard to link the two together for comparison, or to link it back to the KQ. From all this, the main issue was linking back to the Knowledge question so that’s the biggest point to develop next time.

CAS reflection 3

This blog post will see the progress of my CAS so far.

1. I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth

Even though I find no problem communicating with most people, I have never seemed to like the idea of being in a crowded area selling anything in general. CAS requires a service, and the service usually has a fund raiser since it is the best way to raise money for a cause. Due to this, many of my CAS projects included some sort of sale at school, such as the ice-cream sale for Round Square: Indonesia Unfolded, bake sale for Optimal health, or Valentines, and Movember for the Student Council. From these events, I figured out that my area of growth was related to getting familiar with environments which I’m not used to.

2. I undertake new challenges, I undertake new skills

This LO mainly links to Round Square and the project which I am doing along with Chiara and Sam. For the first time of my life, I was assigned with business letters and proposals. This was to contact companies that could be interested in the JFF and somehow convince them to help our cause. The format of the letter had to be formal and professional as it was an official document sent off. The letter was around a page long only, but for this single page I had to spent ages looking for drafts and examples to make it look as professional as possible. In the end, the letter wasn’t perfect but it was a new skill that I had learned through this assignment.

3. I plan and initiate

As a member of the executive student council, and somehow a member of the Round Square leadership team, I can say that LO3 has been my strongest point. Since both of these groups are leading a committee within school, almost all planning went through the group if there was an event or change taking place.

4. I show commitment, I persevere

For LO4, I’d like to talk about my activity and the goals which I’m supposed to reach by the end of its cycle. The goals I have set are ‘Chest Press 60kg max (1rep) by the end of the 15 week cycle’ and ‘Run 1k under 4min 10sec by the end of term 2’. The first goal was set around November, and have been reached a month back however I’m not sure if i can still say I’ve reached it because I can no longer reach 60kg at maximum. So I have reached it, however have not reached it at the same time. The second goal was set around January, also as a target for Gold International award. So far I haven’t made any blogposts about it, but have actually reached the goal. Unlike the other goal, I can still manage to do this.

5. I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognize the benefits of collaboration

During my very first Creativity project, I worked with Michael to create 2 workshops for year 7 and year 12. With collaboration, we managed to smooth sail through both of them. We took charge of 1 workshop each so less time would be consumed to make the presentations. Working together with someone and being able to rely on them really helps reduce the time taken for the work.

6. engage with issues of global significance

I think this is the hardest CAS LO any groups can face. This is because even if the project is to help someone less fortunate than us, most of the time it is in a local area, near BSJ. Hence it is difficult to claim it as a global issue.

With Round Square, we had to undertake a project which showed internationalism, and therefore created Indonesia Unfolded. We wish to make Indonesia Unfolded a compulsory project for each generation’s BSJ Round Square leaders. Currently in Indonesia Unfolded, we work with the John Fawcett Foundation, a foundation that help patients with eye cataract who cannot afford an operation. I believe that we engage with issues of global significance, as we raise awareness and show statistics of both Indonesia and the world’s blindness rate. Furthermore, the JFF is located in Bali, and extends to almost all parts of Indonesia.

7. I recognize ethical issues, I act ethically

Once again, this LO reflects mainly to Indonesia Unfolded: Sinarmatanya. When Chiara, Sam, and I went to Bali to meet with John Fawcett and his team, we had to respect the regulations of the foundation, and also the patients’s personal consent to interview and document. This LO is hard to recognize, since most of my projects do not tackle behavioural problems.

Round Square, the change is here

So it has been quite a while since we (Sam, Chiara, and I) have proposed this idea as a CAS service/creativity. Starting from the end of last year, we have been planning thoroughly of what we can do to implement the 6 IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership, Service) of Round Square to our very own school, BSJ. Basically the 6 IDEALS are the counteract to the 6 declines that Kurt Hahn believed occurred in modern youth. Kurt Hahn is the inspiration and creator of Round Square, Outward Bound, and the Duke of Edinburgh, which we are very familiar with.

Our first steps were to gather members for the committee newly starting this year. The members were chosen from year 10 to year 12, as it was believed that they could contribute the most. Having weekly meetings, we explain how the Round Square works, and how to spread the ideals around the school. We have asked the committee members to take a look around school and take photos of what is believed to be one of the 6 ideals. These can be activities at school such as MUN, Student Council, International Award,  House Leaders, Eco Committee, and any CAS service projects.

As we have thought about doing a long term project for a while to implement Internationalism, Democracy, and Service, we decided that it was best to help an organization called the John Fawcett Foundation.All of the patients in the JFF do not have the wealth to pay for a surgery in a private hospital. The JFF is based in Bali, and helps those with an eye cataract by providing free surgery and care.

Recently, they have faced problems of mobility, as they cannot reach parts of Indonesia due to the area being very isolated or in extreme terrains. We are planning various fund raisers to help their cause, and hopefully boost their solution.

To build up upon our initial ideas, Chiara, Sam and I visited the JFF headquarters in Bali to witness firsthand how their program works. With approval, we interviewed John Fawcett himself, Dr Wayang, and the patients to gain a greater view on their cause and their perspectives. I won’t explain too much on this, because we’ll make a short video about this very soon.

We wish to raise $8000 by the end of this academic year, and to do this, we need everyone’s help to spread our project around school. We will be holding many assemblies for each year groups, so look forward to those.

In conclusion, we’ll spend a lot of time doing this.

To be honest, all the CAS LOs apply to this project. But if I had to pick out the 2 which is the most important, it would be LO6 and LO7 because not all CAS projects deal with global issues and ethical issues, and I believe that’s what makes us unique compared to all other services.

Indonesia Unfolded: Sinarmatanya (LOGO)

After finally getting green light for the project we originally planned in the beginning of last November, we made a timeline of what should be achieved first and last. The very first was to create a name and a logo for the project, so that we can advertise this whenever we were going to hold an event or ask for proposals.

As the First Round Square committee leaders, we felt obligated to do the best we can to implement the 6 IDEALS through a long term project. And due to that, we may have spent an excessive amount of time to perfect the logos (LO3).

The reason why I said logoS and not logo was because we decided to have 2 logos instead of one. 1 for the project (Indonesia Unfolded: Sinarmatanya), and 1 for the Group (Indonesia Unfolded).

To be fair, I’m not all great at designing or even using the designing softwares to begin with. This was a real challenge for me because of that (LO2). I struggled for a few hours just generating ideas of what the logos should look like, and in that time I wasted because I was inefficient could have been used for a better cause. However, it has to start somewhere right?

Indonesia Unfolded
Indonesia Unfolded: Sinarmatanya

Activity Checkpoint 2

Checkpoint 2 of the activity blog:

It has been quite a while since by last blog about the activity goal at school. My goal was to be able to chest press 60kg maximum at 1 rep.

It wasn’t possible for me to train all chest during the school PE lessons. Furthermore, there were some hindrances during the 15 weeks cycle which i have proposed at first. Due to this, I decided to train at home at the apartment gym.

I have decided to remove deadweight from my goals, as I cannot train for it away from the school gym. Training at the apartment gym, I could only use the bench press to train for chest press, as the gym does not have a chest press machine. I have managed to chest press 9kg more and shoulder press 7kg more.


CHECKPOINT/DATE Max weight chest press Max weight shoulder press
1 (November 2016)  48kg  35kg
2 (January 2016)  57kg  42kg

Christmas at Cafeteria

Back in November, the student council was assigned the task to decorate the cafeteria for the upcoming Christmas Holiday. We were quiet surprised because it was such a sudden decision which we had to follow up upon. Anyhow, we recuited a team of year 12s to help us decorate the cafeteria for a few days.

We were given around 2 weeks to complete planning, setting up, and taking down all the ornaments. We planned within the 5 IB members of the student council for a bit less than a week, and sent out an email to all year 12 students to see if anyone was willing to help, in trade for an extra creativity in their CAS planner sheet (CAS LO.3: I plan and initiate).

Everyone collaborated very well, and the process was sped up due to the large number of members we had who were willing to help. That reflects upon the CAS LO.5: I demonstrate collaborative skills/I recognise the benefits of collaboration.

The process followed these steps:

  1. Gather team and split roles
  2. Go to ACE and purchase all required decorations
  3. Put it up in the cafeteria

On the first week of December, we started to initiate our plans every afterschool. Each day of the week, the team would go to the cafeteria after the end of school and hang baubles, wreathes, tinsels and place inflatable snowmen and santa clause on each sides of the entrance.

This all required quite a bit of thinking since the cafeteria was a large place to decorate the entire thing. In the end, we didn’t end up decorating the cafeteria like one of those scenes of a Christmas party in a cliche family movie. However, that doesn’t matter because in my opinion, it still looked better. At least better than what the cafeteria originally looks like.


Round Square x BSJ

Our plans as the Round Square leaders have started off smoothly. So far we have visited the John Fawcett Foundation, and have agreed to help them with their cause through our own methods of fundraising.

#JFFeyecataract #RSxBSJ #Weallcanhelp