Final Reflections

This is it! I’m in Year 13, exams are finally coming and we’ve already passed on our CAS projects to the new (and currently fresh-faced) Year 12s.

Besides the overwhelming amount of pressure to study and perform, it’s good to sit down and think about what has happened over the last year.

It’s been great to be part of so many projects which have had a positive impact not only in our school community but also society at large. The group I am most proud of having been able to be a part of is, of course, the Optimal Health Group. I initially took up the position of Coordinator lightheartedly from my predecessor Crystallynn.  I’d heard exceptional things about Crystal and how she managed to prevent students from doubling up on injections a day before the vaccinations were supposed to take place and believed that there’d be no way we could top that. Along the way, however, I realised that it wasn’t so much about being outstanding as it was simply a commitment to helping others. While we go about our everyday lives, it’s easy to overlook these issues, but going through CAS has instilled in me a new way to interact with the world as well as its issues on a larger scale while allowing me to perceive things in a new light. It has even allowed me to direct my passions for the future, with a goal of pursuing Development Economics in University to someday be able to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Besides that, I have been part of the Eco-Committee while also teaching younger students how to make their own websites. All great projects in their own right, but a constant between all my CAS projects is that it makes the world seem a little bigger. What I mean by that is that CAS has allowed me to open my eyes to a completely new set of issues and/or status quos which are present in present day society.  Being part of the Eco – Committee has allowed me to branch out (ha) and interact with issues about the environment while teaching students has given me a different perspective for an otherwise everyday occurrence for myself.

CAS allows you to develop yourself, whether it be through service projects or helping to develop time management skills through planning a training regiment for yourself. It shows you where your strengths lie, but also where you will need to improve going forward. And I’ll be sure to keep the lessons I’ve learnt through CAS in mind as I proceed into the future.




CAS Completion Projection


Define the best possible state of the Service Project by end of Term 1 Yr 13

By the end of the project, we aim for the project to be in a position where we have paid off the debts from the initial vaccinations. We also want to be able to have created the basis of  future projects such that the project can then be able to be handed over to Year 12s with as seamless a  transition as possible



Is the project a) to be concluded or b) handed over to Yr 12?

Handed Over to Year 12


If b) What preparations will you make, in the form of documentation about the project’s history, to ensure a smooth hand over?

We’ll make sure that any outstanding projects already be done (eg. vaccinations) and that the basis for projects such as the



Define in very precise terms, as a check list, what you/your team will do between Mon 6th and Fri 24 June to ensure the project ends well and is ready to be resumed in August 2016 (amend the table as necessary)

1 Before the completion of our penultimate term of performing CAS we hope to provide all students at the school Polio vaccinations
2 Make sure that all of our documents on the students are kept up to date (Student List, Vaccinations, etc)
3 Promote the rice rack and make it more self-reliant and sustainable
4 Create the basis of the dental drive so that the Year 12s can pick up the project
5 To become more assertive in a means that we will ensure that SB students will get appointed, stepping out the constraints of a school campus and even going to their house to face to face converse with the parents of  the students. Because without consent we can’t proceed.



Define exactly what you need to do differently/better to ensure your project runs effectively in Term 1 Yr 13 (amend the table as necessary). The first box should note a way to improve communication

1 Communication

Having a more reliable system to communicate (currently it is email and facebook) we could change to systems like Whatsapp which allows us to communicate quicker. Furthermore, more meetings are necessary in order to ensure whether or not people are staying on task

2 Having more contact with the school administrative system. Currently, we are still in debt as the payments have not been given out. In order for this to happen, we’ll need to be assertive and upfront about what we need to have and potentially schedule times when we need to check up on the administrators



Define exactly how you can add a distinct value to your project in Term 1 of Yr 13 (e.g Cyber Shanty links to Australian school using Skype; Bintang Bisa! Designs new JSFA kit for the 2017 season)

As a group, we intend for the students in SB to have undertaken all possible vaccinations – to ensure that they are in a good position to become future change makers. Ensuring that their physical health is okay, we will guarantee that their mentality maintains as being optimistic as possible. That’s when we can guarantee that value has been added.



What will you communicate to your partners about the end/recommencement of the project? (if relevant)

For our external contacts like Global Healthcare, we have to communicate that there will be a new group of individuals which they will be in contact with after we have handed it over to the present Year 11s


A long while

It’s been a busy few weeks in IB preparing for End of Year examinations, but we’ve also been busy with our CAS projects as well. Here’s what we’ve been up to recently:

Firstly, the Optimal Health Group.

So far, we’ve managed to put out Terry the Turtle, which you’ll be able to find on top of the Rice Rack in front of Busters. Terry the Turtle is a donation box where people will be able to donate toothbrushes so that there can be a constant supply of toothbrushes to those at Sekolah Bisa!, which is similar in concept to our Rice Rack. Since we put him there though, we haven’t quite the response we would have wanted. So far, no toothbrushes have been donated and as a result, we are now looking into ways we can improve the  donation system while also exploring alternatives like having the toothbrush donations be made in tandem with primary and their own lessons (eg. Asking each student to bring in a toothbrush and exchanging them to one another and adding up how many toothbrushes they have in the end). If you would like to donate, Terry will be waiting as he always does at the Rice Rack, so maybe take the time to make a visit!  Continue reading

CAS Creativity Reflection

Unfortunately, with my webcam being broken, I was unable to make a recording of myself and so I made an audio recording. However, when I rendered the video, I also realised that audio for my recording came from only one end and that the background music had become far too loud. I intend on re-uploading it without the music or with a much louder voice-over later this week but for now, if you are able, use earphones as it makes it much easier to hear.


So, it’s been a week since most of us went to Lido Lakes for our Residential and now’s the time that I reflect upon my own experiences I had during the residential.


I’d say the thing that stood out the most to me that 12A did together as a class was the Raft Building. Not just because we lost a barrel when we set sail and not because we lost another barrel half-way through (much to the amusement of our peers), but because of how we managed to finish the challenge despite the problems we faced. We did end up grabbing the flag from the middle of the river and rowing and pushing ourselves back to shore mostly intact despite most of our fears of sinking.

The other thing that stood out to me was the Callie Dancing, which was the last evening activity of the trip. I had seen Callie Dances performed before in events like the Round Square Conference, but I hadn’t realised that it was so physically taxing. By the end of the dancing, most of us were on the ground tired and had to drag ourselves back to our rooms. It’s definitely given me a new respect for the dance and more importantly, I thought that it brought everyone in Year 12 just that little bit closer together to each other.

If I had to name someone who surprised me during the trip, it would have to be Tim from 12B. Normally, he is a much quieter person who generally keeps to himself most times. However, during the trip, I feel like he’s really opened up to the people around him and has made some new friends as well. From what I’ve seen, he’s become a lot more comfortable interacting with other people over time and this residential has been a major stepping stone for his growth.

This was a much shorter post than my normal post but I hope you enjoyed it all the same. Overall, the residential was a great experience which I feel has brought everyone closer, kind of like a family.

Anyway, that’s about it from me. Have a good night!

Me and Communication

Communication is an important concept for us to grasp isn’t it? We use it daily between our friends, family members, colleagues and acquaintances to talk about all matter of things. It could be an intelligent discussion about the World Economic Annual Meeting Forum that took place just recently in Davos, or it could be voicing complaints about the Ranking System in League of Legends where a 9 Win Streak landed someone a ticket into the lowest bracket of the lowest Division. But I digress.


Before I go any further, we have to answer the question. What exactly is communication?

Personally, I believe that Communication is a two way road. While one part of communication is the ability to convey a message efficiently to a different party, the other part of communication is also receiving the message that is being conveyed by others. If we didn’t listen to what others had to say, then what would be the point of communicating the message in the first place?

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CAS Service Audit

This is the CAS Service Audit for our Optimal Health Group project.

Our outcome is to ensure that all SB students have access to health-care. We have several outcomes for the different subgroups. For example;

-In the Immunisation Sub-Group we will ensure that all SB students have received all the vaccines.

-In the Profiling Group: To further refine the profiling system and provide adequate documentation for all the children

-In the Dental Group: To provide the students in SB with toothbrushes and other dental services through the toothbrush drive which will start this term.

The value of our project outcomes aim to increase the standard of living of those involved and to allow them the basic human right of the access to proper health care. Furthermore, the project will allow them to be more aware of their health so that they are able to lead longer and happier lives.

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Another Year

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all have had a restful and fulfilling holiday and are ready to come back to school and hit the ground running! (I know I’m not)

I haven’t blogged in quite a while partially because I haven’t had much to write about and also because the hotel’s internet wouldn’t allow me to access the site. But when I came home last night, I thought I would write about someone who me and family are close to.

This person would be my Dad’s friend whom I call Uncle Yew Meng. He’s always been a person who always seemed willing to give almost anything to those who he is close to and those in need.He’s an avid runner, yoga enthusiast and runs a pharmacy in Penang, my parents home town and where I spent a week of my holiday at. He’s a simple man who believes in generosity and giving to those who need help.

He brought up the topic of his blood donation which he had given on New Years Eve. When asked why he would spend his New Years Eve donating blood without any benefit to himself, he simply replied “The best way you can help someone is by giving them your life. Since blood is like life to us, then donating blood is in a sense giving some of your life to them.”

That struck a chord with me. I realised that what he was doing was in the same vein as what we were doing with our CAS projects. He was dedicating himself and putting his own body on the line to help others who needed the help. We as IB students are given the opportunity to do so through the CAS program, be it through providing people with livelihoods, helping the disabled or providing proper healthcare.

I also saw how he would interact with his customers while he joked about the old times with my dad. He would always treat his customers as if they were his friends. At that point in the holidays, I had seen shopkeepers who would shoo little boys away from the cashier for simply asking if they could buy some gum from the counter. Seeing this contrast between characters, I began to think about our own interactions between ourselves and the people which we help in CAS.

In the CAS program, I’ve seen the Sekolah Bisa Students, students who are less fortunate than we are, interact with BSJ students as equals, playing with each other and learning from one another. Through helping them, we interact with them as people and not simply as a statistic on a page. We allow them the chance to stand on equal footing and lead better lives.

Those were just some of the thoughts I had during my holiday which I thought would I’d share as this is one of the main reasons why I’m now motivated to dive into Term 2 head first and tackle any challenges which I’ll face in the CAS program and my own studies.

I’ll see you all tomorrow!