Perception and Work

Perception is a word that is used often, but what does it mean? The dictionary definition of it is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through senses. However, I believe that the meaning of the word is based on the context of the situation.


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Learning Japanese: Basic Alphabet

I’ve been learning Japanese for a good 9 years of my life now and whenever I tell others that I learn Japanese, they always go ‘Wow! It seems so cool to learn Japanese, I wish I could too!’.

Since language is an essential tool to share knowledge, I thought I would just share my knowledge on what I had to learn when I started off learning the language and share some resources with all of you so that you too can start learning some Japanese to impress your friends.

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First of many!

I’ve been a student in BSJ for about 6 years now and I’ve seen friends come and go and have been through many changes in my life, be it personal or on a larger scale affecting the daily lives of other students and teachers. Moving from country to country due to my dad’s work has really opened my eyes to the world around me  and I feel that my time in BSJ has enabled me to understand and consolidate that view which I have. With this transition from the IGCSE to the IB, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But thanks to the efforts of the members of staff who organised the IB induction week, it has really helped soften the blow which is getting adjusted to IB life(which apparently consists of even more work, worrying about university applications and sleepless nights. Fun for the whole family I’m sure.)

CAS Service was one of the major things which I was excited about when I joined the IB. I’ve found that being able to be of service to the community is a great way to not only help others, but also help you learn about yourself, the real world and even help you relax and break away from the busy lives that we live.

I’m supposed to write something else which is interesting here so I’ll try and give it my best shot (after potentially boring you all to sleep). If you like to to type up your notes on Microsoft Word, I’m sure you’ve run into situations where word has crashed for no reason other than to annoy you and cause you to lose 2000 words worth of your essay which is due in tomorrow? Well, if you open up word in the next 10 seconds and follow the following steps (File → Info → Manage Versions → Recover Unsaved Documents). How do I know this you ask? I searched it up on Google and thought it’d be pretty useful to know. You never know, it might save you someday. Maybe. Hopefully.

I haven’t really decided what I’ll be writing about in the future but I’ll be sure to decide very soon and look forward to being able to write more about whatever there is to write about!