The Round Square Conference

So it’s been 2 weeks since I had the pleasure of attending the Round Square Conference in UWC East Singapore with Mr Paterson, David K and Tara and a much longer time since my last proper post (Time really does fly doesn’t it?).  This post will be a recounting of the Round Square Conference and what the Round Square Organisation stands for. I also have a special announcement that I’ll reveal at the end of this post about the Round Square Conference. So read on! (Please don’t scroll all the way to the end.)

This years logo for the RSC.


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Target for Growth

This is a follow on post from the Half Term Review Post which you can find here, where we were asked to create a specific and measurable target for growth.

For myself, I think that my target should be to post more frequently on my own blog. To measure this, I will post at least 2 blogs a week excluding my CAS reflections which means that I will try to post a minimum of 3 posts every week.

This post is simply to tell everyone else that I will be pushing myself from now on to post more. This can also be used as evidence against me if I end up not posting anything for a week. (Yay!)

So this is it from me for now, I hope that you’ll read the next blog that I post!

Fallout 4 Hype anyone?


CAS Midterm 1 Review

CAS: Midterm 1 Review

6 key Considerations

(1) Do all members of the Service or Creativity Project have clearly defined roles, which each member can articulate? Has the assigning of roles made the management of the project efficient? Should any roles change? Should any roles be added?

Response leading to effective improvement: Most of the members who had joined from the start have clear-cut roles and their own individual tasks within that role. However, there are some members who find themselves without a task to do regarding their own roles because roles like profiling are only on a monthly or weekly basis and the profiling staff end up helping out other members in different groups. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it would be better if members in specific roles have more role specific jobs that they can focus on. There has also been a new member who has joined us recently who does not yet have a clear role but we are working on giving her a proper role in our group.

(2) Are channels of communication optimal with community partners (if any)? Is there precise communication with the partner in advance of every session. Can communication be improved?

Response leading to effective improvement: I believe that the channels of communication are currently sufficient. We use Whatsapp to immediately be able to communicate with each other and we have also sent e-mails to different CAS groups and to Sekolah Bisa itself. I think that it can be improved through more meetings within school to avoid any misunderstandings.

(3) Is there a clear identification of the project’s development (that is, can you state how it won’t be the same week by week, but organised for growth?). By way of example, the cyber shanty could scrutinise the Indonesian Primary Curriculum (say, for Biology) and assign specific research roles for each pair of children from SB, who then make a formal digital; presentation to peers).

Response leading to effective improvement: As of now, we have created a nutrition booklet for the SB students which is a completely new thing which will help us improve nutrition in Sekolah Visa. We have also provided vaccines for some of the students in Sekolah Bisa and are currently working on getting more students to get vaccinations.

(4)Is Reflection routine and orientated to ‘growth’? – that means, you don’t describe what you do but what you have learned from what you do). You have been shared the 7 Learning Outcomes for CAS: you should, in the CAS Category of your blog, routinely (say, for 20 mins a week) reflect on what you do across the 3 aspects: Creativity, Activity, Service.

Response leading to effective improvement: While I have been reflecting on the three aspects of CAS, I should post them on my blog so that I can have a continuous record of my CAS.

(5)Is there a clearly defined ‘end point’ with a date attached that is realistic: for example, the Bamboo and You group will install a bed and storage made from bamboo in the home of a SB child. BUT, have they defined that it will be completed by the end of term, of by the start of Term 2?

Response leading to effective improvement:For our entire health care project, there is no defined end point as we would like to make it a continuous project which we hope will be taken over by the next batch of Year 12’s. Our toothbrush drive will be put into place by the latest half-way through half term and our nutrition booklets will also be distributed by half-way through half term by the latest (at the time of writing this, it’s about 4 weeks away)

(6) Can you articulate to a peer a) one way your habits of mind have developed as a result of CAS and one specific, measurable target for growth.Record that target as a distinct, separate blog post.