Knowledge Claims

A while back, a claim was made in Economics by Mr Masters that ‘Economics is a study of how to make society and the world  a better place and maximise society’s welfare’. Interesting claim to make, no? Isn’t Economics the study of wealth and how a country manages it’s Economy?

So how can we validate this claim? Well, we can use Deductive and Inductive Reasoning and to try and discuss this Knowledge Claim.

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From Kayaking to Volleyball

This is the first post for my CAS Activity. This is probably long overdue, but here we go!

At the start of the year, me and a few others decided to take a leap of faith and took Kayaking  as our activity. It was definitely one of the more interesting sports out of all the options we were provided and it turned out that it was the right choice picking kayaking.

My CAS target for Kayaking was to be able to recover from a capsized kayak under a minute. This involved me capsizing, bringing the kayak to the side of the pool and then emptying the Kayak. I found that in my first few weeks, I was able to recover from a capsized Kayak between 1 and 2 minutes with the help of another friend. But by the end of the 10 weeks we had to do kayaking, I was able to capsize, bring the kayak to the side and empty it out just under a minute (0:58 seconds to be exact).

This is how we felt when we first capsized:

Kayaking was definitely one of those sports which I was slightly skeptical about but in the end, it turned out to be an amazingly fun experience which allowed a us to beat the heat and have an excuse for capsizing more often.  I’d also seen people Kayaking in Bangkok Patana School which I used to attend. Coincidentally, Mr Shand also used to work at Patana (He actually used to be my PE teacher, crazy to think that he’s now here in BSJ)

Now, I am doing Volleyball as my second CAS activity. While I joined Kayaking because I thought it was a unique choice, I chose to do Volleyball because of my dad. He always used to talk about how he was a member of his school’s Volleyball Team and how he ‘carried his team on his shoulders’ (He likes to exaggerate a lot)

As for my Goal for Volleyball, I’d like to be able to keep the Volleyball up in the air with a group of around 4 – 5 people using sets and digs for around 30 seconds without dropping it by the 4th week of Volleyball. If (when) I achieve this, I plan to brush up my smashing in Volleyball and make it so that I’m able to consecutively score 3 times.

That’s all from me for now, Hope that you’ll read the next thing I post!