Another Year

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all have had a restful and fulfilling holiday and are ready to come back to school and hit the ground running! (I know I’m not)

I haven’t blogged in quite a while partially because I haven’t had much to write about and also because the hotel’s internet wouldn’t allow me to access the site. But when I came home last night, I thought I would write about someone who me and family are close to.

This person would be my Dad’s friend whom I call Uncle Yew Meng. He’s always been a person who always seemed willing to give almost anything to those who he is close to and those in need.He’s an avid runner, yoga enthusiast and runs a pharmacy in Penang, my parents home town and where I spent a week of my holiday at. He’s a simple man who believes in generosity and giving to those who need help.

He brought up the topic of his blood donation which he had given on New Years Eve. When asked why he would spend his New Years Eve donating blood without any benefit to himself, he simply replied “The best way you can help someone is by giving them your life. Since blood is like life to us, then donating blood is in a sense giving some of your life to them.”

That struck a chord with me. I realised that what he was doing was in the same vein as what we were doing with our CAS projects. He was dedicating himself and putting his own body on the line to help others who needed the help. We as IB students are given the opportunity to do so through the CAS program, be it through providing people with livelihoods, helping the disabled or providing proper healthcare.

I also saw how he would interact with his customers while he joked about the old times with my dad. He would always treat his customers as if they were his friends. At that point in the holidays, I had seen shopkeepers who would shoo little boys away from the cashier for simply asking if they could buy some gum from the counter. Seeing this contrast between characters, I began to think about our own interactions between ourselves and the people which we help in CAS.

In the CAS program, I’ve seen the Sekolah Bisa Students, students who are less fortunate than we are, interact with BSJ students as equals, playing with each other and learning from one another. Through helping them, we interact with them as people and not simply as a statistic on a page. We allow them the chance to stand on equal footing and lead better lives.

Those were just some of the thoughts I had during my holiday which I thought would I’d share as this is one of the main reasons why I’m now motivated to dive into Term 2 head first and tackle any challenges which I’ll face in the CAS program and my own studies.

I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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  1. ian_paterson says:

    Well done Marcus. This is a very personal and highly engaging blog.

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