CAS Completion Projection


Define the best possible state of the Service Project by end of Term 1 Yr 13

By the end of the project, we aim for the project to be in a position where we have paid off the debts from the initial vaccinations. We also want to be able to have created the basis of  future projects such that the project can then be able to be handed over to Year 12s with as seamless a  transition as possible



Is the project a) to be concluded or b) handed over to Yr 12?

Handed Over to Year 12


If b) What preparations will you make, in the form of documentation about the project’s history, to ensure a smooth hand over?

We’ll make sure that any outstanding projects already be done (eg. vaccinations) and that the basis for projects such as the



Define in very precise terms, as a check list, what you/your team will do between Mon 6th and Fri 24 June to ensure the project ends well and is ready to be resumed in August 2016 (amend the table as necessary)

1 Before the completion of our penultimate term of performing CAS we hope to provide all students at the school Polio vaccinations
2 Make sure that all of our documents on the students are kept up to date (Student List, Vaccinations, etc)
3 Promote the rice rack and make it more self-reliant and sustainable
4 Create the basis of the dental drive so that the Year 12s can pick up the project
5 To become more assertive in a means that we will ensure that SB students will get appointed, stepping out the constraints of a school campus and even going to their house to face to face converse with the parents of  the students. Because without consent we can’t proceed.



Define exactly what you need to do differently/better to ensure your project runs effectively in Term 1 Yr 13 (amend the table as necessary). The first box should note a way to improve communication

1 Communication

Having a more reliable system to communicate (currently it is email and facebook) we could change to systems like Whatsapp which allows us to communicate quicker. Furthermore, more meetings are necessary in order to ensure whether or not people are staying on task

2 Having more contact with the school administrative system. Currently, we are still in debt as the payments have not been given out. In order for this to happen, we’ll need to be assertive and upfront about what we need to have and potentially schedule times when we need to check up on the administrators



Define exactly how you can add a distinct value to your project in Term 1 of Yr 13 (e.g Cyber Shanty links to Australian school using Skype; Bintang Bisa! Designs new JSFA kit for the 2017 season)

As a group, we intend for the students in SB to have undertaken all possible vaccinations – to ensure that they are in a good position to become future change makers. Ensuring that their physical health is okay, we will guarantee that their mentality maintains as being optimistic as possible. That’s when we can guarantee that value has been added.



What will you communicate to your partners about the end/recommencement of the project? (if relevant)

For our external contacts like Global Healthcare, we have to communicate that there will be a new group of individuals which they will be in contact with after we have handed it over to the present Year 11s


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