Final Reflections

This is it! I’m in Year 13, exams are finally coming and we’ve already passed on our CAS projects to the new (and currently fresh-faced) Year 12s.

Besides the overwhelming amount of pressure to study and perform, it’s good to sit down and think about what has happened over the last year.

It’s been great to be part of so many projects which have had a positive impact not only in our school community but also society at large. The group I am most proud of having been able to be a part of is, of course, the Optimal Health Group. I initially took up the position of Coordinator lightheartedly from my predecessor Crystallynn.  I’d heard exceptional things about Crystal and how she managed to prevent students from doubling up on injections a day before the vaccinations were supposed to take place and believed that there’d be no way we could top that. Along the way, however, I realised that it wasn’t so much about being outstanding as it was simply a commitment to helping others. While we go about our everyday lives, it’s easy to overlook these issues, but going through CAS has instilled in me a new way to interact with the world as well as its issues on a larger scale while allowing me to perceive things in a new light. It has even allowed me to direct my passions for the future, with a goal of pursuing Development Economics in University to someday be able to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Besides that, I have been part of the Eco-Committee while also teaching younger students how to make their own websites. All great projects in their own right, but a constant between all my CAS projects is that it makes the world seem a little bigger. What I mean by that is that CAS has allowed me to open my eyes to a completely new set of issues and/or status quos which are present in present day society.  Being part of the Eco – Committee has allowed me to branch out (ha) and interact with issues about the environment while teaching students has given me a different perspective for an otherwise everyday occurrence for myself.

CAS allows you to develop yourself, whether it be through service projects or helping to develop time management skills through planning a training regiment for yourself. It shows you where your strengths lie, but also where you will need to improve going forward. And I’ll be sure to keep the lessons I’ve learnt through CAS in mind as I proceed into the future.




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