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Building Your Blog

Building your blog is going to be a process. It’ll start with your first post, deciding on a theme, a layout, a structure.Back To School bash '10

You might not like it…you’ll change it…and that’s good. Building your blog is building your identity, your online brand, and like your real identity, that will change as you grow older, gain knowledge and skills.

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Start by considering what makes a great blog post.

There is no formula as such, but there are elements that will make your posts infinitely more readable:


1. Connect your posts

Great blog posts are connected to events, topics or activities. They are reflective and offer personal insights into those events. You link to relevant, externally researched materials .


2. You have a voice 

Tiny Legs Tim and Lightnin' Guy @ BAG Thursday


Just as a novelist has a personal style which keeps readers buying their books, as a blogger you need to develop your voice…your style. Your post should sound like you, a human, not a robot. Your voice should be readable, engaging and real.



3. You enhance your posts 

Your posts will be greatly enhanced with a range of media. Embed images, relevant videos and audio. Embed original work that you’ve created, and think about formatting.


4. You read blogs.

Remember when your English teacher told you you have to read to become a good writer? Well, the same is true of blogs. How will you write a good one if you never read them?

Check out these student blogs. What makes them great?

Avagrado Salad – A Science Blog.

Autistic and Proud – a 14 year old autistic boy presents life through his eyes.

Jaden’s Awesome Blog – tips on blogging from this sixth grader!

Meaow@Josie’s Blog – another youngster with a strong blogging voice.


If you’ve got any other ideas about what makes a great blog post, comment below…

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