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2nd EE reflection

A few weeks ago, I created a method outline to judge the viability of Amazon’s investment in Indonesia by 2018. This consisted of a few calculations to determine the average basket size and the ratio of orders to people. I… Continue Reading →

Volleyball – Final checkpoint

After 3 months of practicing volleyball I THINK I DID IT. Since the beginning of the term, my goal was to improve my skills. And have they? YES. I completely mastered serving the ball, which means that my team won’t… Continue Reading →

CAS interview 2

I recently visited Mr Lautrette for an interview about my current progress in CAS. He was very helpful, and we reflected on the merits and possible improvements for the Creativity, Activity, and Service projects that I am a part of…. Continue Reading →

Volleyball – Checkpoint 3

Here’s a rundown of all that I have accomplished and what I need to improve on: After practicing for a few minutes every night, I managed to set the ball higher. BUT it still isn’t too accurate, so i’m gonna… Continue Reading →

CAS reflection 4

Volleyball – Checkpoint 2

My target is simply to improve. But I don’t know if I have achieved that. Based on today’s volleyball game, I need a lot more help. A lot of the digs and sets I performed lacked height and my aim… Continue Reading →

Nike fitness – Checkpoint 3

I’ve been doing Nike for a almost a year already. Can you believe how much time has passed? It feels like just yesterday when my body ached after each training session. Now I hardly feel anything! I can even work a lot… Continue Reading →

Volleyball – Checkpoint 1

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit” – Napoleon Hill I’ve tried out for the volleyball team every year since year 10, and i’ve never did it. So that’s why… Continue Reading →

TOK Presentation – Internet boot camps

We were one of the first groups to present our discussion, and the whole experience was really eye opening. Our Real life situation was about the comparison between an internet boot camp in China and a different one in Australia. My partner… Continue Reading →

Chemistry support

For the last year, I have been teaching IGCSE chemistry to set 5 and 6 students that are 1-2 years younger than me. Let’s just say that it wasn’t easy. All the students were unfocused, loud and clueless. I didn’t… Continue Reading →

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