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Final CAS interview

Wow time flies. It’s the end of CAS. Quick message to the year 12s: enjoy it. CAS was… a surprisingly great experience. Now as I approach the end of year 13, CAS suddenly feels substantial. All of us were able… Continue Reading →

Making a shelf for SB! (Creativity)

Last week I finished constructing a shelf for Sekolah Bisa. This is also a part of my major project for design technology, as I decided to take an ethical approach (LO 7) with my portfolio. I’ve been working on this… Continue Reading →

Feline Cross

Our project is inspired by the unfair conditions that cats in Bintaro have been subjected to. Last year, an extermination company came to our school and forcefully removed cats from school premises. They threw 60 cats into the river, where… Continue Reading →

Archery – Final checkpoint

This blog post is long overdue (and it was mostly out of laziness), but I achieved my goal. During my last couple weeks in the archery range, I aimed, fired all my arrows, and screamed. I DID IT. See the… Continue Reading →

Nike fitness – Final checkpoint

So I may have realised a few months ago that IB students don’t take part in sports day anymore. So instead of running one lap in sports day, I have decided to recreate the experience myself, alone, where nobody could… Continue Reading →

Archery – Checkpoint 2

I visited San Francisco again in the summer for almost two months. I think I began to improve throughout the next few lessons. My teacher pointed out that my arrows always struck one side of the board and it never… Continue Reading →

Archery – Checkpoint 1

During my winter holidays I travelled to San¬†Francisco, where I found a great archery range. When I first got there I thought: “Pfft this will be easy. How hard can it be?” Then one month later, all I could say… Continue Reading →

Archery – Checkpoint 3

In the last month of archery, I learnt the most important lesson. DO NOT AIM AT THE BULLSEYE. Aim to the left / right of the target, depending on which side suits you. You can see in the video that… Continue Reading →

2nd EE reflection

A few weeks ago, I created a method outline to judge the viability of Amazon’s investment in Indonesia by 2018. This consisted of a few calculations to determine the average basket size and the ratio of orders to people. I… Continue Reading →

Volleyball – Final checkpoint

After 3 months of practicing volleyball I THINK I DID IT. Since the beginning of the term, my goal was to improve my skills. And have they? YES. I completely mastered serving the ball, which means that my team won’t… Continue Reading →

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