Genes and Genius

Our genes insist on their survival: we are wired to do what we can – or what our genome insists of us – ‎to ensure our genetic footprint persists. Which means that CAS Service is wildly counter genetic: it’s where you act against genetic disposition or gene possession to act in contradistinction: that is, to […]

CAS as…well, getting into the mix

So here’s the thing: A boy from the Czech Republic comes to Indonesia and attends a British School: for CAS he’s involved in building a motorbike, and it results in this (from his blog): As a result of CAS, I have learnt lots of real life skills like haggling with shop owners in market places for bike […]

For a World Divided, Unite

For a World Divided, Unite

    If CAS enables you to live amongst, alongside, harmonised to, in synchronicity with, they we are doing what CAS does when CAS is done at its best: creating one world from many, in mutuality. In so doing, you may find that your own nature (that which it is to be alive as you) […]

Maximizing Impact

In conversation, some of you express a need to be highly aspirational with your CAS. This means, you want to engage with an issue on a large scale, with a potentially huge impact, and possibly connected to an existing charity. Steady on! Be real and authentic. Address very local, immediate issues on a small scale. […]

CAS Can Be Kalisthetics

CAS Can Be Kalisthetics

If you are standing on one leg beside the BSJ pool, at 6am, you are doing CAS. Meet Ryan Tannady

Pushing Back

Pushing Back

Coffee by coffee, we push back against discrimination – and provide a young Indonesian with a livelihood – and multiple social ‘frissons’. 

Is This 'Internationalism"

Is This ‘Internationalism”

A teacher at BSJ orders coffee from Ila, the Indonesian child whom BSJ is ‘rehabilitating’ through a work placement program. Ila has lost his sight completely in one eye and partially in the other, but he has adjusted to the world of work and proved he can overcome disability through compensating abilities. And the moment […]

Ila not Illy

Ila. Not Illy: how CAS includes

On the first day of the new term, I encounter Ila, the Indonesian boy who, due to loss of sight in one eye and partial loss of sight in another, appeared to have no opportunity to evolve, after he dropped out of school. But of course I met him because he’s been embraced by the […]

Turn the Tables

Turn the Tables

Indonesian hardwood – beautiful, solid and ages old. But it and others like it sit in a cheap food court, Level 3 in Lotte Mart. That’s a crying, crying shame: like a lion in a tawdry circus. How about challenge the Korean management on their inappropriate use of resources? That’s a great CAS project.

Home Industry

They’re not pets. The woman who owns them lives in a shanty. She’ll raise them for eggs. Could you raise ducks as your CAS project, at BSJ?

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