the state or capacity of being acted on by external agents or forces

  • moldable and not moldable … and many other passions of matter
  •  —Francis Bacon
4(1) :emotion  
(2) passions plural :the emotions as distinguished from reason 

  • a study of the passions
b :intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction

  • with enough passion to make a great poet
  •  —W. B. Yeats
My passions:
– I love to read
– I love to birdwatch
My favorite books:
– A picture of Dorian Gray
– The Davinci Code
My favorite bird is the Kingfisher.                     



Growing up in Jakarta, I’ve witnessed  the impoverished facet of Jakarta – which is inadvertently neglected by the fortunate. Evidently, poverty does not seem to constitute as an area of paramount concern here in Indonesia. That has got to change. The fact that over half of the inhabitants here experience bereavements of chief sustenance that we are privileged to have access to is unacceptable… For this reason, any efforts of commitment, passion and dedication towards community service will be beneficial to someone of need out there.

To move beyond the negligent, commonplace approach to poverty which most people have, my friends and I plan to instigate change primarily through educating young children the principles of math and english, handing them opportunities to demonstrate their creative talents as well as purveying them with chief sustenance; food, water, healthcare, shelter and transport. I’m also certain that throughout this journey, we too will experience more self-awareness and availability to self-reflection.

Undoubtedly, CAS will result in us students making important headway to restore the ubiquitous flaw Indonesia is renowned for. While doing so, I also believe CAS will enlighten us to participate in social change projects not only during IB, but after high school too.

Hopefully,  the high modality of poverty will be resolved through service, and eventually contribute to the outlined parameters of Indonesia as a nation – rather than weighing them down.

Six weeks of school have passed:

Already, I’ve identified that IB will play an indelible role in the next few years of our lives- and onwards… I feel that the demanding nature of this course, designed to evaluate our grit and willpower, really does have the ability to direct us to the future we aspire to have.

In the second lesson of CAS, we completed a characteristic ranking survey based on a set of questions. Since then I’ve internalized that I need to improve my leadership skills.