CAS Reflection 7

This week, I had the opportunity to talk with Mrs. Smith regarding my final stage of CAS. We first discussed about my experience with the IB workload during Term 1 and Term 2. I shared about how my process with writing college application essays while revising for mocks was very stressful and demanding but I managed to pull through!

We also discussed about handing over Indonesia Unfolded to the year below. I told Mrs. Smith about how I gave advice to the year below to make an action plan regarding the time they spend dedicated on CAS work as this was very challenging for me during year 12 with all of the workload.

Finally, we talked about how I am going to prepare for my real IB exams! We discussed about effective strategic study plans, specifically about how to balance my academic and social life.

I want to thank Mrs. Smith for being the best mentor throughout my CAS journey. I truly got the support I needed during all the tough and challenging times.

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