CAS Reflection 7

This week, I had the opportunity to talk with Mrs. Smith regarding my final stage of CAS. We first discussed about my experience with the IB workload during Term 1 and Term 2. I shared about how my process with writing college application essays while revising for mocks was very stressful and demanding but I […]

CAS Reflection 5

For the CAS interview, Mrs. Smith and I covered my achievements in CAS this year. We reflected on my progress in the creative, activity and service aspect. First, we discussed about my struggles and successes with the service aspect. Through this interview, I realised that I would have not been able to fully accomplish some […]

TOK Reflection

  My final TOK presentation was successful. After 6 weeks of preparation, I think that it’s safe to say that starting early to prepare does definitely make a difference. From the very first class of prepping, I had already chosen my real life situation. And from there, I explored the different areas of knowledge and ways […]

CAS day with Ks3

Our team created a project called Waktunya Berbagi which is all about embracing the Ramadan Culture and helping the Manusia Gerobak’s. We chose this topic because it relates to 3 of the Global Goals: No poverty, Good Jobs and Economic growth, and No Hunger. How this works is that we buy local products such as […]

Final Gym Progress

Since December 2016 I have been trying to eat clean and train harder so I can reach my goal. Today is my final gym session and I have lost 3.5% body fat. Although I did not reach 4%, I am still going to continue to work hard. Today I tried to push myself to my […]

Gym Progress 3

Today I worked on a full-body workout, mixing cardio and strength-training. This is the set I did: 30min Run at 11km/h 20x Pushups (repeat set twice) 40x Russian Twists with medicine ball (4kg) 10x Burpees 20x leg raise 20x lunges (repeat set x2)    

CAS Reflection 3

Term 2 has been insanely productive. The Round Square leaders travelled to Bali in February to cover a story on Ibu Wayan who was blind due to cataract but has had her eyesight restored. When we met Ibu Wayan by the mobile eye clinic in the John Fawcett Foundation, she could not see us at […]

TOK Presentation Reflection

I would say that the TOK practice presentation was a success. It was evident from the beginning that we had a solid plan which we followed throughout the whole process. Because we followed the guideline Ms. Barnard gave us, we had our presentation clear and structured. The things that went well were having 2 claims and 2 counterclaims, […]

Indonesia Unfolded & Project Sinarmatanya

It’s been a while… but I’m back! The Round Square leaders have been working on a very special and exciting project and are thrilled to announce that we are launching our website called Indonesia Unfolded. Indonesia Unfolded is a non-profit organisation that narrates meaningful stories of Indonesia through videos. Our mission is to create awareness and […]