CAS Reflection 6

Last week I had a meeting with with my CAS mentor, with whom I had the opportunity to discuss about my entire CAS journey and how much I have accomplished in the past two years. The activities that I joined as part of my creativity, activity and service allowed me to achieve all the 7 learning outcomes. Talking to my mentor made me realise that despite not having achieved all my goals in the time-frame I had set myself, I still accomplished many goals and those issues that I have come across raised my awareness of the need of a good organisation.  Particularly in my main service project, Moon Orchid, my group and I had some difficulties raising the money we hoped we would raise, as we had troubles organising the sales.  The reason behind this was the small number of members in the group, which increased complications when planning efficiently a sale; in addition, we were not able to organise many sales outside school as there was little interaction with the local community; although these factors created issues, the project raised my awareness of how essential they are when it comes to organising a mrico-business. Nonetheless, my group and I were able to raise money from the sales and give them to Jihan, a Sekolah-bisa student, which was our main gaol.

In regards to Contemporary dance, I have achieved my goal of learning a full choreography in a year, a time frame that could have been more restricted if only I could have been able to join all the sessions; therefore, I am now more aware of the importance of commitment in any activity.

From the ATL workshop experience I learnt that taking risks and taking part in new experiences is crucial for learning; in fact If I hadn’t taken part in these workshops, I wouldn’t have understood the importance of practicals and activities. 

Overall, I am glad I had the opportunity to join many CAS activities as they allowed me to develop a wide range of skills,  from physical to communication to organisation. Despite the challenges faced, I have accomplished my goals and I am now more aware of aspects that two years ago I would have not considered as a important.

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