TOK Presentation Reflection ACTUAL: A TOK Grind Report.

Woo Hoo, done and dusted, came out on top with a great grade 9/10, though this is prior to marking based upon the TOKPPD. 

Words of wisdom from Mr. Todd, Persistence always comes out on top. (I may not have said that entirely as he said it, though I guess the main point is still the same) Work hard, get a good reward for the fruits of your labour.

I think what went best with this entire presentation was the continual persistence in researching, studying and thinking about the entire question itself over the entire length of the assessment period that was shared by both my partner Saskia and I.

I also really think our presentation looked great. There was an abundance of puns and great imagery.

In terms of speaking I think I spoke with great prose, and I felt quite satisfied coming out of the presentation.

Given our current grade I doubt I will do a re run next year. So there’s not much there that went wrong.

In this run through I think we better targeted the criteria and hence we were able to attain a higher grade compared to the practise presentation.

Very very happy with the outcome, grateful of being given the chance to work in a collaborative project, and happy that I worked as hard as I did.