Final CAS Interview Reflection


So, my CAS adventure has finally come to an end, although this does not mean that I will not be carrying what CAS has taught me into my university life and then into my adulthood. This is what I believe CAS in IB is all about, what I can take away from it and use in my future days as a more developed member of this population.

I met with my CAS mentor and we discussed about my progress in CAS since the start of year 12 in order to get a bigger picture of all that I have achieved over the 2 years.

We looked at this through the 7 learning outcomes of CAS:

Learning Outcome 1: I identify strengths and weaknesses – We found that this was most apparent in my activity portion for CAS as I continuously identified my strengths and weaknesses in order to see where I should progress. This, I believe, has taught me what it means to be reflective and realistic with myself and I can apply it to many other challenges I undertake.

Learning Outcome 2: I undertake challenges and develop new skills – This learning outcome was achieved through my CAS project with the after school rugby team as coaching was a new experience for me and a challenge as I had no first person knowledge as to how I could coach the children. However through perseverance I undertook the challenge and developed new skills every training session becoming better and better.

Learning Outcome 3: I plan and initiate – Similarly to LO1 my activity project allowed me to best plan and initiate as I created my training regime in order to achieve the goals I set myself.

Learning Outcome 4: I show commitment I persevere –My mentor and I discussed that it was through my ATL workshop creative project that I showed the most commitment and perseverance as I dedicated myself to producing a memorable and effective lesson for the students to learn and take away a positive message from. The perseverance was not only towards the lesson but also towards teamwork as I worked with my classmate Vivian in order to ensure that the lesson ran smoothly and was most effective for the children to learn something.

Learning Outcome 5: I demonstrate collaborative skills and recognise the benefits of collaboration –  We found, my mentor and I, that through my creative project of helping out the staff and children at a local orphanage that I demonstrated good collaborative skills and as a product of that learnt the true benefits of collaboration. Through working with children of such a different background and life I found how different people can work together in order to create a more enjoyable activity such as simply playing a sport or learning new things in a classroom.

Learning Outcome 6: I engage with issues of global significance – Through my project at the Orphanage I engaged with an issue of global significance, the extremely high poverty around the world, as most of the children were there because they were malnourished and their families did not have enough money to sustain them properly. This has taught me through first person experience the effects of poverty and allowed me to engage with it by helping to provide basic requirements such as food and clothes.

Learning Outcome 7: I act ethically and recognise ethical issues – In our rugby project we encountered a lot of ethical issues that arose due to the children coming from a different background and clashing with the different ethical approach we used to run out training sessions. It was mainly through the physical contact that we expected between boys and girls that an ethical problem arose due to the unethical nature of physical contact in their background.

Through this reflection with my mentor I learnt about all the different things I achieved but also the importance of reflecting on what i’ve done, especially in order to then set more goals for something more to achieve.

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