I’ve always enjoyed Theory of Knowledge because it allows me to explore such abstract concepts that we might not be able to in other subjects. Over the past year, I feel like it has made me grow in terms of my mentality, intellect and open-mindedness. This is why I was happy to do the TOK presentation.

For my final TOK Presentation I posed the question of “To what extent can anything be measured?”. I thought this was a worthwhile question to explore because it is quite broad so I can incorporate my thoughts and ideas into the presentation while also imposing some factual knowledge and logic to support it.

I enjoyed doing the TOK presentation because I was able to formulate an argument and counter that argument thus allows me to explore both sides and be more informed. This has also taught me that exploring both sides will give me a more informed opinion since it makes me realise that there are no wrong answers as long as it is justifiable. As a person, I have always been open to light debate because I understand that I can’t always be right and that if I believe in something, I must be able to argue for that belief and approach my arguments with logic. This also makes for good conversation.

In preparing my TOK presentation, I was able to think critically for myself and I think this will help me largely in any work I may pursue in the future such as in my TOK essay. In a way, my TOK presentation has created a new network of thinking not only within the confines of my knowledge question, but the same approach to anything that might be open to debate.

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