SEASAC: Model United Nations

Since November of 2017, I have been actively participating in my school’s Model United Nations (MUN) team. Through MUN, I was able to develop my debating skills and increase my awareness of the on-going situations that plague the world. Furthermore, I have also been able to think creatively in order to create solutions to global issues.


Last week, my MUN team travelled to Singapore from Thursday-Sunday in order to participate in the international SEASAC MUN conference. I was assigned to the delegate of Kenya in the Human Rights Committee. We debated over different perspectives that each country had towards issues like child marriage, gender inequality, and violation of human rights.



Willing Hearts Singapore

Over the winter break, I was fortunate enough to be able to sign up and volunteer in Willing Hearts. Willing hearts is a soup kitchen in Singapore which prepares food for elderly people in need. On the first day, I started packing food into containers at 5:30 AM and finished the session at 8:30 AM. Each session lasted from 6:30-8:30 AM for the next four days. I worked in the soup kitchen by packing food, cleaning the kitchen, and preparing food.

This volunteering session in Willing Hearts serves as project under the service category of CAS. The service allowed me to demonstrate collaborative skills, as mentioned in LO5.

The experience of working in this soup kitchen was extremely mind-opening because these people worked hard everyday in order to deliver this food to those in need. I gained trust and respect towards all the volunteers and would definitely recommend anyone else to contribute to this amazing work.



Evolve: Acoustic Sessions (Benefit Concert) At Hard Rock Cafe

Last weekend, my friends and I volunteered to perform in Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta in order to support a benefit concert.

The aim of this concert was to bring people together to enjoy musical performances by students from British School Jakarta and also raise funds to donate to a local school community. Through this fundraiser, we hoped to increase the quality of education that these children receive.

Residential Reflection

Lido Lakes.

From the beautiful hike-track scenery to the t-shirt painting sessions, I could not seem to get enough of Lido Lakes. I will never forget the moment I fell into the lake when our raft broke apart. One by one, each of my group members started to fall into the water. In desperation, my group and I decided to push one of the lifeguard boats carrying three of our teammates by swimming in the lake. Our group ended up pushing the other group members into the lake, so not a single 12TME student walked out of the activity dry. Throughout the entire experience, I could not stop laughing. Besides the rafting, going to Lido Lakes also allowed me to participate in other activities that I have never tried.


Hearing that we would be playing paintball came as quite a shock and scare for me. Despite the warnings from my friends who claimed that paintball leaves painful bruises on your skin, I decided to put on my gear and walk into the battlefield. At first, I stayed at the very back of the field in order to observe the rest of the players. Deciding to challenge myself further, I moved outside the barricade and was able to shoot more people than I thought I would. I was also able to participate in the t-shirt painting session during our stay in Lido Lakes.


As I reflect on the Lido Lakes experience, I realize that many of our activities relate closely to the different CAS learning objectives (LO). The raft building mentioned above allowed me to demonstrate collaborative skills, as mentioned in LO5. My experience with the paintball game allowed me to undertake challenges and develop new skills, as mentioned in LO2. I relate my t-shirt painting activity with LO3 and LO4: I had to plan my t-shirt design in order to successfully produce the shirt of my preference and stick with the design plan. Based on LO1, I also realized that the area that I need to grow from is time-management. I learned this because I slept late during our stay in Lido Lakes.

Today, I sit in a dimly lit classroom listening to the raindrops thumping on the roof from the storm outside. I conclude this residential reflection with a smile on my face because of the wonderful people I have met and the new memories I have made.

Lido Lakes, thank you.

Have a great day,

Fio Wibawa

Ranking Knowledge

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”


In my Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class, we questioned several statements in order to challenge the certainty of each claim. I quickly realized, after thinking outside the box, that many statements I hear everyday are not always as definite as I originally assume them to be.

Now, I must apply the skills I gained from TOK class in order to evaluate the certainty . of different pieces of knowledge from each of my IB subjects (I waited to write this blog post until after the process of changing my geography option to history was completed) :

Higher Level 

History-  Apartheid was an ideology used in the 20th century that supported the segregation of people based on their race = Fixed 

Economics- Humans use a cost-benefit analysis in order to make rational decisions = May Change 

English (Language/Literature)-  Newspaper articles can contain biased personal opinions that influence our beliefs = May Change 

Standard Level 

Mathematics- Functions have a one to one or many to one relationship = Fixed 

Spanish Ab Intio-  Most of the time, the ending of adjectives needs to be altered in order to match the “gender” of the noun it is describing = May Change

Chemistry- The temperature of a substance that is undergoing a change in state of matter will remain constant = Fixed 

In conclusion, I would rank my IB subject knowledge claims in the following order of certainty (#1 being the most certain) :

  1. Chemistry = This is a scientific fact, which means that it can be proven to be true.
  2. Mathematics = This is the set definition of a function.
  3. History = This can be proven based on historical events and records.
  4. Economics = Humans are not always rational people.
  5. English = Some newspapers may actually be unbiased.
  6. Spanish Ab Intio = Some adjectives do not need to be changed.

Have a great day,

Fio Wibawa

Starting To Strive

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

-Jimmy Johnson

Hello! Welcome to the start of my IB journey, blog-post style.

To start off here is my initial idea overview of the activities I hope to engage in for the CAS program.


Fio Wibawa


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