Willing Hearts Singapore

Over the winter break, I was fortunate enough to be able to sign up and volunteer in Willing Hearts. Willing hearts is a soup kitchen in Singapore which prepares food for elderly people in need. On the first day, I started packing food into containers at 5:30 AM and finished the session at 8:30 AM. Each session lasted from 6:30-8:30 AM for the next four days. I worked in the soup kitchen by packing food, cleaning the kitchen, and preparing food.

This volunteering session in Willing Hearts serves as project under the service category of CAS. The service allowed me to demonstrate collaborative skills, as mentioned in LO5.

The experience of working in this soup kitchen was extremely mind-opening because these people worked hard everyday in order to deliver this food to those in need. I gained trust and respect towards all the volunteers and would definitely recommend anyone else to contribute to this amazing work.