A few days ago I had my last CAS interview with my mentor Ms.Morgan. It’s crazy how time flies by so fast, and I am now at the end of my CAS journey. The memory of first walking into the IB common room where we had our first CAS lecture with our coordinator Mr. Brown is still fresh in my mind. My CAS journey has been a hell of a ride, and it has changed and shaped the way I see the world I live in. It shall be an experience I will never forget. So what’s a better way to wrap things up and share my thoughts and experiences with my CAS mentor, Mrs Morgan.

In our last meeting together, we discussed my improvements and experiences in CAS since we last met some time ago last year. I told her about the proud moments my CAS groups had when we were able to raise money for Sekolah Bisa during the country fair, book sale and free dress day, and the progress my students in Cyber Shanty made after teaching them for the past year and a half. I shared with her my thoughts on how CAS has changed my perspectives on things and how I managed to complete all the learning outcomes. I also discussed how the activity side of CAS has improved my health and habits in my life, and how I have managed to achieve all my targets. The creative aspect of CAS has made me realise the potential I had in achieving things I wasn’t good at previously, such as photography and baking.

All and all my CAS experience has been amazing! And I am so proud of all the hard work I have put into it.



Last week i had my second CAS interview with my mentor Ms.Morgan, were we discussed my current CAS progress and changes or improvements i have made to my CAS portfolio since we last met. She asked me various questions covering all three aspects of CAS which i will summarise below.


For creativity i took part in the Midsummer night’s dream production where i played the role of titania. This covered LO:3,4. I also started baking, this involved trying new and different recipes from different cultures. I also incorporated service by giving the baked goods to the homeless. Creativity also helped with my service groups by creating a new logo for sekolah bisa management and involving creativity in cyber shanty lessons to the SB kids.


For activity i managed to complete my cardio goal of doing 5k in under 25 minutes. In order to complete this goal i had to work on a routine where i ran for 3k ever 2-3 days and measured my time improvement. I did this routine for 1 term and by the end of my last cardio session i was able to complete 5k under 5 minutes. Completing this goal was a huge success for me since i was never a big fan of cardio and could never run longer than 2k without stopping for a good solid 5 minutes. This goal thought me how to be persistent and to stick with a routine which i think will be beneficial for other activities in my life. I also started Muay Thai lessons which I currently have been going routinely for the past six months. I learnt many new skills from this experience and it also gave me the security of at least knowing how to defend myself if anything bad were to happen.


For service i am involved in Sekolah Bisa Management and Cyber Shanty. In Sekolah Bisa Management we recently raised 5 million rupiah in the country fair which was a huge success for us and went far beyond our expected target. In Cyber Shanty where i act as the role of a teacher for the TK kids, i have noticed huge difference in the student’s capability and computer skills. We have went far from the beginning of the year of teaching the kids the basic computer safety rules to the students now creating their own powerpoint presentations by themselves! However there were some lack of communication in both groups which caused delays in some projects, but we managed to incorporate technology to break down the communication problems by creating online chat groups instead of communicating via gmail and meetings.

Country Fair!!!

Country Fair BSJ

A couple of weeks ago BSJ held a country fair giving us a CAS opportunity for the creativity aspect. Since I had completed my service projects, I realized that I needed to work on my creativity aspect further (LO1). I volunteered to watch the Sekolah Bisa stand and participated in helping some of the activities provided.

Managing the sekolah bisa stand was a good experience for me to develop my communication skills and creativity aspect of CAS. I had to decorate donation boxes and find creative ways for people to donate, such as allowing the kids to practice their social skills and english abilities and talk to those at the country fair. This really helped the kids develop their skills taught in the school, and we managed to make 5,000,000Rp for Sekolah Bisa, which was a huge accomplishment.

LO 1: I identify strengths and areas for growth

LO 3:  Planned and initiated activities

Satisfactory attempt??? (TOK practice presentation reflection)

TOK Reflection Post

Year 12 had to do a practice TOK presentation to wrap the end of term. My partner Kelly and I looked into ethical decisions and our research question was “TO WHAT EXTENT SHOULD REASON AND FAITH JUSTIFY ETHICAL DECISIONS?”. To explore our research question we looked into the Jakarta Ahok Riots as our real life situation. Questions that led to our knowledge question were “If the people of Indonesia did so want to protect their unity of their religion, why would they attack Alpha mart, who had nothing to do with Ahok?” and “Do they have the right to attack Ahok with no justification of the rumor? “. We then explored the TOK world by looking into factors, limitations and strengths of reason and faith, along with giving examples of situations where only reason was used to make a decision etc.

I felt like the presentation went satisfactory considering how nervous we were. However, our nerves did cause some repetition in the points being said. To improve on our presentation, we should include situations that are more relatable to the audience, this would make it more interesting for the audience to follow along to. Also, we could make the presentation more engaging to the audience, perhaps include the audience in the discussion and ask their views. There were also unnecessary points in the presentation that should have been cut out.

One of the highlights of the presentation was that we had a good structure and delivered our presentation in an organized manner. Our research question was also good and we explained most of the points needed in order to come to our conclusion. We also explored the TOK world well, even though there is more room for improvement.

Overall, I learnt a lot from our practice TOK presentation and found it very useful in order to be prepare us for our final TOK presentation. I felt as though it really helped us understand more about TOK and the improvements needed to be made in order to do well in the final presentation. I definitely will be more prepared and confident for the final presentation.

CAS Reflection! :)

As we come to an end in another school term it’s time for a CAS reflection. In these first few months of CAS I have learnt that CAS is so much more than a mandatory activity you have to complete in order to receive your IB diploma. CAS has opened my eyes to the real world problems, and allows myself to spend time away from my studies and learn meaningful skills that will benefit me in the future. I have learnt many new skills and have shown growth in my two main CAS projects, Sekolah Bisa Management and Cyber Shanty.

Learning Outcome How I personally have begun to address this through my CAS service project
1. I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth I feel as though I have I identified my strength in having good communication skills and management abilities by joining SB management as the role of external relations. As my role of external relations I have noticed I need to improve in my time management skills in order to get deadlines done.
2. I undertake new challenges, I undertake new skills


Taking a role as a teacher in cyber shanty was somewhat of a challenge to begin with. As a student myself it was a whole new experience where the roles were reversed. I had the responsibility to teach the students my knowledge in computer skills and had to make sure that by the end of the lesson they would walk away having learnt something new. At the first few lessons I felt as though the children were not listening to me no matter what I did, they were more focused in chatting with their friends, but as time progressed I learnt new teaching skills that suit the learning abilities of the students.
3. I plan and initiate


Being a teacher in cyber shanty, you have to plan out the lessons being taught and initiate the plan in the lesson. For example, in one lesson we were teaching the children about internet safety I had to plan how we would teach the kids about this and from there I had to act (initiate) on the choices made.
4. I show commitment, I persevere


I made a commitment to my CAS services by showing up to weekly meetings and lessons. I preserved when I found difficulties in teaching the students in cyber shanty but still managed to push through and finally adapt to an appropriate teaching style.
5. I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognize the benefits of collaboration


Being in a management team is essentially working together with others. I have recognized the benefits of collaboration in my role as external relations along with my partner Dante. I feel as though working with a partner is a more efficient way of getting the task done along with sharing ideas and receiving support.
6. I engage with issues of global significance


Sekolah Bisa is a CAS school which offers education to the underprivileged children in Indonesia, Tangerang. Being both part of SB management and Cyber Shanty, I feel as though I have identified and acted upon global issues such as underprivileged kids receiving education.
7. I recognize ethical issues, I act ethically


As a teacher in Cyber Shanty, you have to ensure you behave ethically when teaching young children. I have done this by making sure the lessons being taught are appropriate and that the safety of the children is in my priority.

CAS reflection 2

I’m currently in charge of external relations and sponsorship for sekolah bisa management. Recently my partner, Dante and i have been working on a CSR portfolio in hope to raise sponsorship and funds for sekolah bisa. We have made a goal this year for sekolah bisa to become a legally listed school, and expand in the community.

#sekolahbisamanagement #CSRportfolio



Inspired- aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something. Thank you Cambridge dictionary for indeed I was. On November 22nd, I had the opportunity to attend the BSJ TEDx talk, where 6 students from Year 13 were chosen to deliver inspiring talks. The talks ranged from different topics from politics to natural science, each one for which I found fascinating. However, one particular talk drew my attention to write this Blog, it was delivered by Nathania. In her talk she spoke about Plato’s theory in democracy which bought up the question- “how do we know democracy has become too democratic?”.

In order to answer the question “How do we know when democracy becomes too democratic?, we must first discuss the terminologies within the question asked. The definition of democracy according to the oxford dictionary is “a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system”, whereas democratic is “pertaining to or characterized by the principle of political or social equality for all”.

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“Five ways to look confident in an interview”, “how to make a good first impression”, “positive body language to use in an interview”. During the days leading up to my CAS interview I made sure I was prepared as possible. I had looked a numerous online articles and sources that shared advice on how to do well in an interview. I must say I was very nervous having a one on one session with a person you have never met before!. But as soon as the interview had begun those nerves had drifted away. Luckily my CAS mentor (Ms. Morgan) was friendly & approachable, I also enjoyed listening and inquiring to her thoughts and views on CAS.

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The Unknown- The ATL Workshop


As a student, I have attended many workshops, presentations and other forms of “talks”, but on the 28th of October, the roles were reversed. The year 12s were given the amazing opportunity to facilitate the 2016 ATL workshops. It was a pleasure to have been partnered with my fellow friend Inas to work together on this project. We were assigned to time management for the year 12s and social for the year 7’s.
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