Last week i had my second CAS interview with my mentor Ms.Morgan, were we discussed my current CAS progress and changes or improvements i have made to my CAS portfolio since we last met. She asked me various questions covering all three aspects of CAS which i will summarise below.


For creativity i took part in the Midsummer night’s dream production where i played the role of titania. This covered LO:3,4. I also started baking, this involved trying new and different recipes from different cultures. I also incorporated service by giving the baked goods to the homeless. Creativity also helped with my service groups by creating a new logo for sekolah bisa management and involving creativity in cyber shanty lessons to the SB kids.


For activity i managed to complete my cardio goal of doing 5k in under 25 minutes. In order to complete this goal i had to work on a routine where i ran for 3k ever 2-3 days and measured my time improvement. I did this routine for 1 term and by the end of my last cardio session i was able to complete 5k under 5 minutes. Completing this goal was a huge success for me since i was never a big fan of cardio and could never run longer than 2k without stopping for a good solid 5 minutes. This goal thought me how to be persistent and to stick with a routine which i think will be beneficial for other activities in my life. I also started Muay Thai lessons which I currently have been going routinely for the past six months. I learnt many new skills from this experience and it also gave me the security of at least knowing how to defend myself if anything bad were to happen.


For service i am involved in Sekolah Bisa Management and Cyber Shanty. In Sekolah Bisa Management we recently raised 5 million rupiah in the country fair which was a huge success for us and went far beyond our expected target. In Cyber Shanty where i act as the role of a teacher for the TK kids, i have noticed huge difference in the student’s capability and computer skills. We have went far from the beginning of the year of teaching the kids the basic computer safety rules to the students now creating their own powerpoint presentations by themselves! However there were some lack of communication in both groups which caused delays in some projects, but we managed to incorporate technology to break down the communication problems by creating online chat groups instead of communicating via gmail and meetings.

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